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Shadow Of Memories

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    Shadow Of Memories

    Extra ending:
    Unlock all five normal endings. A special prologue will appear, allowing you
    to play again and unlock the "Extra" ending. In EX Mode, you must find the
    elixir of life for Mrs. Wagner.

    FMV sequences:
    Successfully complete the game to unlock a FMV sequence from the Spring 2000
    Tokyo Games Show. Successfully complete the game after getting three different
    endings to unlock a FMV sequence from a private Konami game show in Europe.
    Successfully complete the game after getting all five normal endings and the
    "Extra" ending to unlock a FMV sequence from the Fall 2000 Tokyo Games Show.

    Alternate title screen:
    Successfully complete all chapters with a 100% ranking to view Margarette and
    Dana at the title screen.

    Restore energy units:
    When you find yourself running out of energy units, allow yourself to die.
    The moment you are brought back to life, you will get an energy unit for free.
    For example, if you let yourself die five times in a row you will get five energy
    units for free. Do this trick each time you begin a new chapter.

    Replay mode:
    When you complete the game, one of five endings will appear. An extra menu will
    now be available at the title screen, which allows you to view the percentage
    completed for every chapter. You can also start the completed game over again
    at the beginning to try to do better.