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Star Wars - The Clone Wars

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    3 de outubro de 2013 11:05:55 ART

    Star Wars - The Clone Wars

    Unlock Goodies With Bonus Points:
    Earn bonus points to get the following rewards:

    5: Raxus Duel multiplayer level
    10: Thule Moon Control multiplayer level
    15: Rhen Var multiplayer level
    20: Jedi Academy multiplayer level
    25: Unit viewer
    30: Making Of movie
    35: CD player
    40: Sketchbook
    45: Yoda playable on Academy: Geonosis

    Unlock All Bonuses:
    To unlock all bonuses, enter this phrase at the codes screen: IGIVEUP.
    Also enter CARBONCOPY and FODDER to unlock the Clone Trooper and the TF
    Battle Droid in Geonosis Academy.

    Unlock All Movies:
    To unlock all movies, enter the passcode: GOTPOPCORN.

    Unlock More Objectives:
    To unlock more objectives, enter the passcode: ALITTLEHELP.

    Unlock All Multiplayer Missions:
    To unlock all of the multiplayer missions, enter the code "LETSDANCE."

    See Team Photo:
    To see a photo of the team responsible for this game, enter the cheat "YOURMASTERS".

    Infinite Ammo:
    To get infinite ammo, enter the phrase "NOHONOR" at the code screen.

    Invincibility Code:
    Enter LORDOFSITH on the code screen.

    Unlockable: Super Battle Droid:
    Enter passcode: SUPERFODDER