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The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction

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    3 de outubro de 2013 14:57:19 ART

    The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction

    Submitted by: DJNJ

    Savage Banner Skin:
    Beat the game and then buy it from the shop for 1 million smash points.

    Enter the following codes at the Code Input Screen:

    DESTROY Double Hulk's damage abilities
    DEUTSCH German flag shorts for Hulk
    CABBIES All Vehicles Become Taxis
    BRINGIT Double Value of Health Pickups
    BANDERA All special features
    KINGKNG Gorrila Invasion
    AMERICA American shorts for Hulk
    SUITFIT Joe Fixit
    RETRO Black and White Graphics
    CHZGUN Cow missiles
    OCANADA Canadian Flag Pants
    CLASSIC Gray Hulk(Without Suit)
    FURAGGU Japanese Shorts for Hulk
    FSHNCHP Union Jack shorts for Hulk
    FROGGIE Wild traffic
    HISTORY Sepia mode
    SUITFIT Joe Fixit
    MUTANDA Italian Shorts for Hulk
    VILLAIN Play as Abomination (Must complete Story Mode 1st)
    PILLOWS Low Gravity
    MUTANDA Italian Shorts for Hulk
    SMASH5 Get 5,000 Smash Points
    SMASH10 Get 10,000 Smash Points
    SMASH15 Get 15,000 Smash Points