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The Lord Of The Rings - The Third Age

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    The Lord Of The Rings - The Third Age

    Evil mode:
    Successfully complete a chapter to unlock the ability to replay it in Evil mode.
    This is an easy way to gain weapons, armor, and Elfstones.

    Easier Evil mode:
    If you are having trouble completing Evil mode, save the game in Eregion, then
    exit out and go into Evil mode. The difficulty will be greatly reduced.

    Infinite items:
    Go to Eregion after you get the Craft Item Stone. Then, find an Archer. Cast
    Fellowship Grace with Belethor and the Haste Of The Elves ability with Idrial on
    whoever has the Craft Item Stone equipped. You will never run out of AP, and the
    character creating items goes very fast, producing a lot of items. This is
    especially useful for the Elf Medicine item. Also, you can level up character
    abilities that do not damage foes.

    Refill HP and AP:
    If you are low on HP or AP, find a save point. Save your game and both your HP
    and AP will be completely refilled.

    Everlasting health:
    Once your Elf healer gains the Valor move that presets whoever you choose with
    an instant revival when ever you die, use it at the beginning of each battle on
    her first, then on everyone else. If you maintain this so that no enemies can
    truly kill you, you will almost always be the victor.

    Better healing:
    If you use Elf Medicine, try and use it with Idrial. If this is done, it will
    give full health instead of half.

    Easy wins:
    Do not use the normal attack. With Hadhod and Idrial use Spirit Powers. With
    Elegost, use Ranged Craft. With Berethor, use Sword Craft. With Morwen, use
    Thief Craft. With Eaoden, use Spear Craft. You will only get new skills if you
    use Spirit Powers, Sword Craft, Ranger Craft, Thief Craft, or Spear Craft. You
    will not get new skills by using the normal attack. When you get all skills in
    the crafts listed, use Axe Craft with Hadhod, Sword Craft with Idrial,
    Leadership with Berethor, Bow Craft with Elegost, and Dual-Axe Craft with
    Morwen. Eaoden may have two different kinds of skills. If he does, train the
    other. If he does not, change him with one of the five others.

    Good sword for Berethor:
    To start the game with a very good sword for Berethor (the first character you
    start with), do the evil mode of Osgiliath and save it on an early game. By
    doing this, you will get the Sword Of Isildur, which has a 200+ damage rating.
    At the beginning of the game, you can give at least 2,000 damage points from a
    normal hit with this weapon.

    Better weapons for Morwen:
    Use her Steal Item ability on unique enemies (i.e. Bosses) such as Grima
    Wormtounge. This will give you weapons not found anywhere else. Note: Some of
    the Bosses have the same weapons.

    Ultimate weapon for Morwen:
    Use Steal Item from the Witch King at Pelennor Fields to get the Third Age
    Rohirric Silver Battle Ax (base: x90 +9 per level, +8 Str, -2 Dex, +3 Spd).
    Transferring Evil Mode treasure
    Any treasure acquired in Evil Mode can be transferred to a regular saved game.

    Gaining new moves:
    When fighting groups of Orcs, use Elegost's Sleeping Arrows, after getting
    Elegost's passive skill that effects all foes with them. Then, use the Double
    Attack skill with Berethor and his three hit attack. Just before killing the
    last Orc, use everyone's Spirit skill to gain SP points. This will allow you to
    gain new moves that would normally take many fights to gain.

    Building skills:
    In the first level, find an enemy respawn point near a save point. Once there,
    keep attacking until you run out of AP, then save the game to refill your AP and
    HP. Keep doing this, and after a few hours you will get the special move from
    Berethor that can hit an enemy five times in a row. Note: This works for all
    characters, not just Berethor.
    Get to about the Village in Rohan, after you get Morwen, then save the game and
    travel back to Ereigon. Find some Orcs and fight them. Do not do attack skills.
    For Morwen, use your Steal skills or her Haste skill. Remember to steal action
    points. For Idrial, just use Drain Inspiration. You will never run out of
    points, and it gives you a Spirit point every time it is cast. For Elegost, keep
    using your Craft Item ability. This will give you a ability point in it, and
    will give you a free item. For HadHod, keep using either the Rock Shield ability
    or the Whole Party Flame Shield ability. Again, after awhile you will get a new
    skill. Remember not to kill the Orcs until you need to heal or level up a skill.
    Find a save point anywhere when you get the ability to travel. Then, travel
    anywhere possible and keep battling (use Spirit Powers or Sword Craft) until you
    get as many levels and skills as desired. This is best done when you are about
    to face the Balrog.