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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 - Black Arrow

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    3 de outubro de 2013 16:30:05 ART

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 - Black Arrow

    God mode:
    While playing the game, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. If
    you entered the code correctly, the message "God Activated" will appear. Note:
    This code will only effect your character, not your team or hostages.

    Laser trails:
    While playing the game, press Up, Down, Up, Down, click Right Analog-stick(2).
    Rainbow weapons will shoot red laser trails and opposing force weapons will
    shoot blue laser trails.

    Credits level:
    At the main menu, click Left Analog-stick(2), click Right Analog-stick(2), press
    X, Y, B, A, B, A.

    Shooting down helicopter in Military Base:
    In the Military base level, you must shoot down a helicopter to gain intel on
    the rocket facility that belongs to the general. It can be difficult to shoot it
    down. After you destroy the train, you will go through a series of corridors. In
    the one that leads to the heli pad, a man runs out the door to warn the general
    and pilot that you are coming. Do not shoot him. Note: Enable the "God mode"
    code or he may kill you. Save the game in case the chopper does get away. After
    the man runs out, do not move out the door or the helicopter will lift off.
    Then, aim for the pilots window and empty a clip at the pilot. He should die,
    but just in case, run out and keep firing at the pilot. A glitch will happen;
    the helicopter will take off after he dies, but it will then crash. Make sure to
    empty at least a magazine or more to break the window and another to kill the
    pilot. Do not kill the general.

    Defusing the bomb in Rocket Facility:
    In the Rocket Facility level, you must defuse the bomb before anyone knows you
    are there. If they spot you, they will pull an alarm, the bomb will explode, and
    you will fail the mission. Try using the UMP sub-machine gun because it is
    silenced. You also have a motion tracker. If there is more than one enemy in a
    room, do not go in until they are standing next to each other so that you can
    get a fast kill.