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WWE WrestleMania XXI

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    WWE WrestleMania XXI

    Cheat mode:
    At the "Press Start" screen, hold L + R and press A + B + X + Y. Then, press
    Start. All items in the WWE Shopzone will be unlocked and will remain that way
    until you play a match. Also, all arenas and legends will be unlocked for one
    match. The code can be repeated to unlock them again.

    Cash prizes:
    Reach Amateur status to get $100,000.
    Reach Rising Star status to get $100,000.
    Reach Superstar status to get $300,000.
    Reach Legend status by completing all legend tasks on the legend difficulty
    setting to get $500,000.

    Play as Big Show 2003:
    To play as the Big Show 2003 without first unlocking him, go to Exhibition mode,
    select "Single", then choose a Singles match. At the wrestler selection screen,
    select Big Show as player one. Press Back to return to the controller set-up
    screen. Press A to go back to the wrestler selection screen. Scroll down and Big
    Show 2003 will now be selectable in any Singles match. Note: If you play any
    other match type (Cage, Royal Rumble, etc.) this trick will not work again until
    you have reset the game.

    Career mode:
    In order to unlock career mode, you must first create your own wrestler. You
    cannot play career mode with a WWE Superstar or WWE Diva.
    Winning matches within three minutes
    At the beginning of season mode, the game forces you to win some matches in
    three minutes. An easy way to do this is to choose the move "Mounted Punches"
    for you character. During the match, get your opponent on the ground and keep
    doing the Mounted Punches until the his head is yellow on the damage meter.
    Then, do a submission and make them tap out.

    Easy money:
    Note: This trick requires a memory card. Copy a profile to a memory card, then
    buy an item. Go to your memory card and copy it back to your Xbox's hard drive.
    You will have the item that you just bought and all of your money back.
    Use the following trick to get an easy $4,000 every minute and a half. Have two
    controllers; set up a handicap 1 vs. 3 tag match and have controller two in
    control of all three of your opponents. With controller one, keep using
    signature moves to build up your Heat meter. Once that is built up, use your
    finisher for the $1,000 bonus plus the $3,000 match bonus for the handicap.
    Change the difficulty to "Legend". Insert a second controller and go to
    Exhibition, Single, Cage Match. Choose your character and your second
    controller. After that, start the match and just climb out of the cage. This
    counts as a win and results in easy money. When you climb over, just do rematch.
    You will win a lot of matches in a very short amount of time. This is a good way
    to increase your profile stats.
    Depending on the match type (Single, Cage, Royal Rumble), big money can be
    earned quickly. First, make a profile. This is the only way to earn money
    outside of Career mode and get paid. After making the profile, go to any match
    desired (Royal Rumble recommended). This can take up to an hour, but is worth
    it. If you win the match quickly and throw out a decent amount of people, you
    can earn up too $10,000 for winning, which is only enough for one attribute but
    it adds up quickly. Depending on how high the difficulty is set, you may even
    get more. Probably the easiest way to get a quick $2,500 is to set up a
    "Singles" or "Ladder" match with two human players but only play yourself. By
    doing this, you can do a few very powerful moves to a uncontrolled opponent.
    Also if you stand there and mock and get your Heat meter full, you will get
    bonus money when you do your finisher to the uncontrolled opponent. You will get
    paid every time you win in and out of Career. If you have the skill and want to
    try this, go to the options menu and under "Gameplay", switch the difficulty to
    something harder. That harder the difficulty, the more money you will get.

    Easy submissions:
    When you have someone in a submission hold, alternately press X, A instead of
    just one button repeatedly as the game prompts. The bar on top for the hold will
    move towards submit very quickly. It will not cause your opponent to tap out
    however, unless the body part you are applying it to is yellow, almost orange.
    Additionally, instead of just pressing A, turn the controller so you can use the
    index fingers of both your hands to hit all four buttons at a time. Note that
    your opponent will only "tap out" if that body part is at orange or higher

    Easy wins in Season mode:
    Batter your opponent, and when it gets between two and three minutes, get your
    opponent on the floor and press Start. Then, return to the menu and you should
    be the winner. Note: This only works in Single matches.

    Easy wins in Last Man Standing match:
    Pull out weapons until you beat your opponent into the red. After this, taunt
    the opponent until you get the heat boost full to do a special. The best way to
    do this is to use Eugene. First, get special with Eugene, hit the Stunner, then
    taunt a lot. Follow this up with Eugene's version of the Special Peoples Elbow.
    However, do this with about eight or nine seconds remaining on the clock; this
    will ensure that he stays on the ground. It works the same way with The Worm,
    except you can start it with about six seconds due to the moves.

    Easy wins in Royal Rumble match:
    Have yourself as the third player and make the first, second, and fourth player
    a CPU character, if you are not using the controllers option. If you have three
    controllers, this is easy. If you do not, use the following trick. When you are
    the first player, you usually get attacked by at least two people. However, the
    third player does not always get double-teamed or sought after. This is a great
    advantage. You can get immense points from this. When you are in the match,
    build up your heat meter by taunting only. If you are being targeted by the
    fourth player, just make him Irish Whip you into the turnbuckle or to the ropes
    without making him throw you out. He may ignore you and focus on the first
    player. When your heat meter is full, do a finisher on any player (preferably
    the first player, unless he is being attacked so much that you cannot touch
    him). After using your finisher, taunt and fill up your heat meter. Make sure
    that the first player does not get thrown out. To make sure this does not
    happen, punch him when he is in the process of being thrown out, or at least,
    attack him. Quick Jab is useful here. As soon as he escapes from being thrown
    out, grapple him immediately or he will get threatened again by being thrown
    out. After you grapple him, do any attack desired. However, do not do a
    submission move. Go after him, attack him, use a submission move on him, etc.
    Build your taunt meter and use your finisher on him. Keep building your heat
    meter and using your finishers. This is a great way to get over 10,000 points,
    although slow. To get expertise points along with a lot of maximum heat meter
    points, just get attacked or at least get an orange or red signal on your body.
    This will show that you are greatly damaged by the specific area, like the face
    or chest, but you still do not get thrown out. You should triple-team or
    double-team the first player. The others will also attack him too, so that you
    are not the only target for him. To make him bleed from the head, just get his
    face to the red area, then do Mounted Punches on him. punch his face at least
    two times. He will bleed without you having to use weapons. If you want to throw
    a CPU player out early even when he is fresh, just tap on the buttons quickly
    and rotate the Left Analog-stick.