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SNIP/TUCK: Circumcision in the Philippines

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    18 de dezembro de 2013 03:54:45 ART


    In our nation, circumcision is not done absolutely for healthcare reasons. Circumcision has been a aspect of our social norm; that every boy in his adolescence decades is predicted to go through. Fairly strange? Not so in our nation. You see, circumcision has been a habit, a transitional phase if you may, that guys have to go through during the said lifestyle level. It is a social perception in the Malaysia that the conversion from boy to penis is not thoroughly satisfied without circumcision.


    Failure to go through this conventional Philippine customized will most likely outcome to mockery and make fun of from colleagues and family members. Those who are not yet circumcised will be known as spot (intact prepuce) and will be seemed down by those who are done with the procedure. If one gets to secondary university uncircumcised, he will be regarded unusual and irregular. Those that achieve the beginning adulthood uncircumcised are regarded "old" for the procedure. If one does not have an in-depth knowing and information of the Philippine lifestyle, this would be regarded a low way of violence.




    In the Malaysia, there is a so-called circumcision year and these are the several weeks of April-May, or summer time season. These several weeks are when the children are on a college break; so, after the circumcision, the children can relax at house without having to skip university during the recovery procedure. It is during the said several weeks when "Operation Tuli" (mass circumcision) in different healthcare centers and wellness treatment centers are performed. Thousands of weeping, shouting, and on-the-verge-of-fainting guys would range up to go through this procedure.




    Circumcision in the Malaysia is done in two methods - the healthcare circumcision and the conventional circumcision or "Pukpok" (vigorous strike or hammering).


    Surgical Circumcision


    The more recent, more contemporary, and globally approved technique is the healthcare circumcision. The healthcare circumcision is preferred by those who reside in the towns where healthcare centers and treatment centers are more available. It is the circumcision of option by city people who are more upgraded and have been knowledgeable enough regarding this kind of circumcision.


    There are two methods used for healthcare circumcision - dorsal cunt and sleeve methods. The dorsal cunt is the strategy of option for those with circumstances such as phimosis (tight foreskin) and paraphimosis (un-retractable foreskin). The foreskin is retracted over the glans before circumcision. A straight cut down the middle of the foreskin is created. The cunt is created up to the platform of the male organ top and the epidermis excised . Several sewing follows using absorbable stitches. Of course, all of these are done after the hypodermic injection of a regional pain-killer. This strategy was the one used during those periods when I helped circumcisions.


    The sleeve strategy however provides a more attractive male organ. Round reduces are created on the pennies platform that shows a gap. The staying foreskin are then drawn together and padded up.This strategy is said to be more complex than the dorsal cunt strategy. This technique is appropriate for mature guys and grownups.


    Traditional Circumcision or "Pukpok"


    This technique has triggered a bit of debate over the decades given the characteristics of the procedure itself. Many have suggested that the conventional circumcision or "pukpok" is a way of vaginal mutilation and misuse. This technique is done in the very non-urban places of the nation.


    Boys would range up to go to the regional "circumciser" for this conventional circumcision or "pukpok". It is preferred that this procedure be done near a stream, pond, or sea because the guys will be requested to engrossed 50 percent of their systems (from hips down) in the h2o to make softer the pennies epidermis before going under the blade. They will also be requested to eat guava results in to be used for later. The foreskin is placed on top of timber known as "lukaw". A blade (labaha) is then placed on top of the foreskin. The foreskin detaches after a few instant pounding. The boy will then be requested to throw the chewed guava results in on the injure to management the blood loss.


    I am not certain if this technique is still being used up to this day although there have been reviews that it still is.




    It will create one taller: Most of those who get circumcised do become higher and the purpose for such is that those who get circumcised are the guys who are in their development spurt decades. These are guys in the 10-16 ages. They are in the level where actual changes occur like fast improve in size. Circumcision has nothing to do with that.


    It will create a male organ bigger: Circumcision is subtraction and not inclusion. Portion of a male organ is excised. It will actually do the other if not efficiently done. So, no, there's no strong proven reality that circumcision can create a male organ larger.


    The uncircumcised will have difficulties getting someone pregnant: A lot of aspects (sperm and architectural irregularities, inherited circumstances, etc.) are engaged in not getting someone expecting except for being uncircumcised.




    "Binata ka na!" (You're now a man!), are the first terms you'd normally listen to once the procedure is over. After the treatment is finish and the kid's totally exempt from all actual discomfort that the procedure has gotten him, he will then stroll great and with a smug like appearance on his experience for becoming a whole new man.


    Be it a million decades customized or not, circumcision is a option - unless it is clinically indicated. It is a option by the one getting circumcised and not merely what a person's lifestyle demands. The guys should be advised regarding the benefits and drawbacks of circumcision first. Those who select not to go with it should never be mocked. Finally, conventional circumcision or "pukpok" should be eliminated... completely! Not only is the exercise not secure, unsterile, and intense, it can harm the guys mentally as well.

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