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Achievements system [Customizable][2003]

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    22 de maio de 2015 15:12:47 ART

    ~Engine: Achievements~

    Imagem Postada

    (The achievements menu opens with SHIFT key)


    -> Free variables: 21 and 22

    -> Free switches: from 21 to 32

    -> In the Data Base, having free the next common events: 11 to 14.

    -> RPG Maker 2003 (I don't know if it runs correctly on 2000, I haven't tried, if anyone do it, say me).

    ~How to add achievements~

    0. Switch on the next switch: 0021: can open achievmnt?. This control if the player can open or not the achievements menu.

    1. Go to common events in the data base, and you will see:
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    We have 4 events, the only ones you have to modify is those with: "--->"

    2. Go to the event 0012:--->icon achievement, and you'll see:
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    This event load the small icon images of each achievement. Here, where put "--->here must be the small icon", copy and paste the image which is in the corresponding exception. I.e., if you add the second achievement you'll have to copy the image 8: "achievement lock". Next you edit, and change the small icon. The small icon have a dimensions of 20x20 (ver el ejemplo del logro 1)

    3. Go to the event 0013:--->big icon & text. And you'll see:
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    This event what it does is to show the image and text of the corresponding achievement, as we move over its small icon. Copy the images 18 and 19 of any exception. And paste it below "--->here must be the big icon and the text". Next you edit and in the image 18 must be the big image of the achievement, and in the 19 the description.

    4. How to add the achievement in-game:
    Simply, turn on the switch corresponding of the achievement. In the engine example, it would be:
    Imagem Postada

    ~I'm already developing a game, and I want to add it~

    If your game meets the top requirements, then open the switches window, and call the switches with the name that have in the next image:
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    Then go to the variable tab, and call it with the name showed in the next image:
    Imagem Postada
    Go to the data base, and copy and paste the common events, which are this 4:
    Imagem Postada
    Then copy all the images in the picture folder, with this prefix: "achievement_" and paste it to the picture folder of your game. Now, you have already added the achievements engine to your game :)

    ~Changing the theme~

    ¿Can change the achievements menu theme? YES. Search in the picture folder the image: "achievement_tables.png", then modify it freely. Later, in the PARPG web, will open a section of extras for the achievement menu, with templates to make themes, with themes you send to us, etc.

    ~The engine in other language~

    Originaly, the engine is spanish. Only is available in english. If you want to send us your modification in your language, we'll be grateful.


    If you use the engine, please give credits to KoomaR and to PARPG.



    Nothing more to say, hope you'll enjoy ^__^