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    for the Super NES
    FAQ version 1.3
    Date: November 9, 2001
    Author: Patho
    E-mail: [email protected]
    0. Table of Contents
    1. Authors' Note
    2. What's New
    3. About the Game
    4. Controls
    5. The Characters
    6. Things you should know
    7. Quick Reference
    8. Copyright/Credits
    1. Author's note
         This is the very first FAQ I have ever written, so please excuse me if it
    seems like an amateur wrote this. I just felt like I had to write this because
    I've read so many FAQs from other people and felt that I should contribute
    something back to the community. I hope this FAQ comes in handy.
         I would also like to area to thank GameFAQs, because that site is where I
    read most of the FAQs. Which reminds me, this file is only to stay on the sites
    listed below. I don't want multiple copies that aren't updated floating about.
    By leaving it there, you are sure to always get the latest version.
         You may be asking, so why did I choose to write a FAQ on this game? Well,
    this game has been out for quite a long time and I always waited to somebody to
    write on and post it somewhere on the Web. Unfortunately, I never came across a
    good one, or any, for that matter. I've tried many searches and came up
    unsuccessful. However, if there are those of you who know of any, please notify
    me and I'll put links to them when I update this FAQ.
         I usually just play this game on two-player mode, because I only play when
    I have friends over. It's been a while since I've played the game on first
    player mode, so I don't recall what the powers of the bosses are, so if one of
    you guys out there do remember, or ever come across it, please e-mail me, so I
    can update this FAQ. My e-mail address is that the top of this FAQ.
    2. What's New
    v1.3 After re-reading this FAQ one year later, I saw that there was a quite a
    few spelling and grammar mistakes. I have fixed that and added a few extra
    lines to the things you should know part.
    v1.1 Added some moves for the bosses. Fixed the formatting of the text.
    (Hopefully for the better.) Added unofficial aliases to characters.
    3. About the Game
         As far as I know, this is a Japanese game that has never made it to the
    US. It basically is another version of the game we all know and love, Tetris,
    with an added twist. The twist is that you have different characters with
    magical attack powers done by collecting crystals. You collect the crystals by
    completing lines containing them.
    4. Controls:
    A - turns piece left
    B - turns piece right
    Up - triggers magic
    5. The Characters:
    The aliases I put in parentheses are not there actual names, nor are they
    official aliases. I just wrote those for reference in case you can't read their
    Halloween (That Pumpkin Head)
    Crystal powers
    Level 1 - Turns bottom 3 lines to get rid of.
    Level 2 - Makes the other person's screen dark for 3 pieces
    Level 3 - Steals the other person's crystals in queue
    Level 4 - Bombs the other person's side, leaving them with holes all over.
    His level 2 is ineffective if your opponent has a good memory and plays fast,
    unless they're high.
    One decent combo for Halloween is to use a level 3 and steal the other person's
    crystal if they have one crystal and then use a level one from that.
    Mirurun (Bunny)
    Crystal powers
    Level 1 - Smashes down the bottom 4 lines.
    Level 2 - Turns the other person's controls upside down.
    Level 3 - Pushes the other person's side up.
    Level 4 -Inverts opponent's side.
    Upside down controls mean:
    B button = Magic
    Left and right are rotate
    A = left
    Y = right
    His Level 2 is extremely effective against someone who is high.
    Shaman (The Tiki Man)
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 - Pushes the center to the sides and drops to fill holes, except
    crystal pieces.
    Level 2 - Opponent's down = rotation
    Level 3 - Stone come up on opponent's side as they play pieces, more if lines
    are sent.
    Level 4 - Random level 4 of other characters. However, you may Medusa yourself.
    Note: If your are both good players and you are both Shaman, it just becomes an
    endurance match.
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 - Pushes the bottom two lines over to opponent.
    Level 2 - Protects you from lines being sent to you.
    Level 3 - Fax an image of your current layout to opponent.
    Level 4 - Controls two pieces of your opponent.
    Strategy as Aladdin
    When opponent is high up use the control for instant kill.
    If you are high and about to die, wait for beneficial piece to come and use
    Stay low and remember he has piece control.
    If they have protection on, just don't complete lines unless you have to.
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 - Zaps away a column spanning 3 squares.
    Level 2 - Reflects opponent's crystal attack.
    Level 3 - Causes opponent to not have rotation for three pieces.
    Level 4 - Copies the opponent's layout.
    Her level 2 is done quietly, so opponent may not suspect it is on.
    If you can set it up to get another two crystals and you already have two in
    queue, it's a good time to use reflect.
    If magic is not used against you while reflect is on, it just times out after a
    while. I never timed it, but it's about 1 a minute or so.
    If playing against her and she did no rotation, just wait for pieces that do
    not require you to rotate to use or do not harm you too much.
    Bit (The 5 Lit'l Ones)
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 - Top couple of lines get cleared away as the little pieces fall in.
    Level 2 - Repeats the current piece.
    Level 3 - Steals the other person's play area crystal.
    Level 4 - Shakes up opponent's side, however may help them complete lines.
    Level 1 power may sometimes not clear anything at all, because the little stars
    may not fall in the right places.
    One combo that I notice some people use as Bit is to use a level two on a
    crystal piece, then use a level 3, to steal the pieces on the screen, and
    finally use level a level 4 on them.
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 - Pushes everything to one side.
    Level 2 - Cause the opponent to get random pieces.
    Level 3 - Puts a web up on opponent's side and holds up pieces, despite them
    completing lines.
    Level 4 - Turns the other side into stone.
    A good time to use Level one is if you can use it to get a stick.
    Level 2 is virtually useless unless the other person is high.
    Wolfman (The Samurai)
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 - Cuts away the top four lines.
    Level 2 - Slows down the opponent by nullifying the down button.
    Level 3 - Friendship. As opponent sends you lines, your side goes down instead
    of up.
    Level 4 - When one line gets completed, causes all pieces to fall, except where
    crystals are. Basically Rensa mode.
    If playing against Wolfman, nullify their Friendship attack, just by not
    completing lines.
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 -
    Level 2 -
    Level 3 -
    Level 4 -
    One of his powers is to turn every piece into stick pieces. Another one
    squashes everything to a little area in the middle of his play area.
    Another one is it swaps the play area, i.e. Player 1 gets Player 2's layout and
    vice versa.
    That last one may be for Queen, it's been a while since I've played
    Queen? Not sure of her name.
    Crystal Powers
    Level 1 -
    Level 2 -
    Level 3 -
    Level 4 -
    6. Things you should know:
    Rensa mode = Constant Wolfman level 4.
    By default, player 2's character sets the background and music.
    If you play on expert mode computer will always manage to get the stick pieces.
    If you are at the very top and your piece sticks out, past the box, you would
    normally lose, unless you manage to complete a line. Then the protruding part
    to the piece would just disappear.
    A good thing to remember and keep in mind is that generally a level one attack
    is usually defensive. A level 4 is usually their most powerful attack and most
    of the time it's offensive.
    If you need to stall to get a piece and your opponent looks like they are going
    to get the next piece, one thing you could do is before a piece is completely
    set you can slide it back and forth on top of a flat surface for a while to
    slow yourself down a bit. However, this is pretty risky and cannot be done as
    well as the battle goes on and the speed goes up.
    7. Quick Reference
    I wrote this part below so you can print it out and just use it as a quick
    reference for when you play. It basically says the same things as above, but in
    a condensed format.
    Crystal/      1              2               3                4
    Halloween     Burn 3         Dark            Steal(queue)     Bomb
    Mirurun       Down 4         Confusion       Push up          Warp
    Shaman        Split          Rotation        Grim Reaper      Random
    Aladdin       Send 2         Protection      Fax              Control
    Princess      Laser          Reflect         No rotation      Copy
    Bit           Clear top      Repeat          Steal(screen)    Samba shove
    Ninja         Wind           Mystery         Web              Medusa
    Wolfman       Cut            Slow            Friendship       Rensa mode
    Dragon         ?              ?                 ?                 ?
    Queen          ?              ?                 ?                 ?
    8. Copyright/credits
    Bullet Proof Software
    Alexey Pajitnov
    Also, I would like to thank one of my best friends M.P. (you know who you are)
    For without him, I probably never would have written this FAQ. Also, some of
    the combos found above were contributed by him.
    This FAQ is not to be altered in any way. If something needs to be corrected
    please notify me.
    This FAQ is only to be found at:
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    • Play as the boss characters!

      When the copyright screen appears input this code: B, B, X, X, A, Y, A, Y, up, left. If the code is inputed correctly the letters in the copyright screen will turn blue. Now choose 2-player battle and in the character select screen press and hold down until the game screen appears:

      Effect Code
      Play as the DRAGON L+A
      Play as the QUEEN R+A