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What is the cost of Injection Mold?

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    24 de novembro de 2017 03:08:44 ART

    What is the cost of Injection Mold? Unfortunately, there are many factors that complicate this problem. From the expected product life to the type of plastic used, any factor will have a significant impact on the final quantity. Almost the same reference to the injection mold can be obtained, each injection mold has a slight change, and they will all have very different costs.

    We can easily underestimate the cost of parts by cost, especially when the geometry is very simple. All of this, making a lid of the trash, while a water bottle cap creates huge cost differences. Accounting for more labor time and thousands of dollars of material, which could be a $ 400 million gap. It is assumed that the two molds have only one cavity. In other words, larger parts require larger injection molds, which in turn require more time to process.

    This is one of the only factors that can turn a small and easy component into an expensive tool challenge. The part cavity is the exact negative number of the shape of the part filled with plastic when the mold is molded. If your tool has more cavity, we can shoot more parts per cycle, which will reduce your unit cost and order delivery time.

    Undercut is a specific area of plastic parts that need to move their own blocks in the mold. These blocks are necessary to form, release and eject parts from the mold. The simplest injection mold has no undercutting hardware. They open and close the shoebox; there are two separate in a straight line, easy to remove the contents of the two halves. On the other hand, the mold with cutting hardware is more like a Chinese puzzle box; each additional moving part must be opened in a specific order before ejecting the part. Adding undercutting hardware and fine-tuning the opening sequence is one of the toughest aspects of any mold construction.

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