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HMC-40S/2 horizontal machining with two facing working stations

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    26 de dezembro de 2017 05:25:26 ART

    HMC-40S/2 biaxial horizontal machining centers is the company's independent design leading products, using the whole movable column bed structure of international fashion. The whole structure of layout is reasonable. It has high strength, rigidity and stability. And the maintenance process is good enough. After repeated experiments, the dynamic performance and the accuracy of motion of the machining center is good. The machining accuracy is stable and good. Contour milling and plane milling can be completed in one time. Four faces can be milling, drilling, reaming, boring, reaming, tapping etc. It is most suitable for medium and small batch, multi variety of box parts and the processing of complex shape surface. It can Save craft equipment, shorten the production cycle, improve processing accuracy. Widely used in mechanical and electronic departments.

    1. Two HMC working simultaneously on opposite face;
    2. Production time will be half than normal way

    1. High running accuracy, positioning accuracy and long-term accuracy
    2. Dynamic direct drivers and precision guides
    3. All working steps on a piece will be finished under once loading
    vertical machining centers (VMCs) remain machine shop staples. These milling machines have vertically oriented spindles that approach workpieces mounted on their table from above and commonly perform 2.5- or 3-axis machining operations. They are less costly than horizontal machining centers (HMCs), which makes them attractive to small job shops as well as larger vertical machining center. In addition, the performance of these cnc vertical machining centers has increased over the years, leveraging technologies such as high-speed spindles and advanced CNC capabilities (including conversational control programming). Ancillary equipment is also available to increase the flexibility and capability of these machines, including spindle speeders, angle heads, tool- and part-probes, quick-change workholding devices, and rotary indexers to enable four- or cnc vertical machining center work.