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Advantages of the SUBM Mobile Factory System

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    23 de março de 2018 05:58:50 ART

    Advantages of the Steel Structure Building SUBM Mobile Factory System
    1. Fabrication of steel buildings on site with microprocessor precision and safety
    2. Fast, durable and easy to operate
    3. Operation is at 40-60% less than other methods.
    4. Galvanized, pre-painted steel coils reduce logistics requirements up to 80%.
    5. The SUBM is set up to produce panels within minutes of arriving at the construction site.
    6. Panels are curved, and controlled by an on-board microprocessor.
    7. Completed panels are carried to the assembly area.
    8. Panels are seamed together in sections in preparation for lifting.
    9. Panel sections are lifted and placed in a prepared foundation.
    10. Panel sections are fit together, and joined using a patented seaming tool.
    11. Hangers are placed during the construction process for easy installation of lights, sprinklers, duct work and other building components.

    Generation I
    Two Step Production
    1. First step for straight panel
    2. Second step for curved panel
    Straight part: feeding --> forming --> cutting
    Curving part: feeding --> curving

    Generation II
    This production process is a new one, and utilizes only a single step for both straight and curved panels. Compared to Generation I, the labor cost is reduced by up to 30% and the working speed at the project speed is improved by more than 20%.
    Feeding --> Forming --> Cutting --> Curving --> Lifting

    Generation III
    With the use of a diesel truck and an 8T crane, the contractor can drive the truck directly to the project site. It takes only a single step to finish the panels needed, and no workers are needed to hold and carry the panels. When the panels are ready, the crane on the machine can easily lift and fix them in place. Compared to the Generation I, the labor cost is reduced by up to 80% and the working speed is improved by more than 70%.
    Feeding --> forming --> cutting --> curving --> lifting

    Kspan-ubm conduct inspections in every production procedure, and for finished Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine products, we will take 100% inspection depend on international standards according to customer’s requirements.