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behold the beautiful Mafia City in its full glory this weekend

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    23 de julho de 2018 03:57:29 ART

    Mafia City developers Yotta Games are working on an unannounced triple-A game for Yotta Games, and they’ve added a new studio in Brighton, UK, to help with the project.
    Mafia City is full of opportunities, though, so you don’t have to be an extreme penny pincher. Just make sure to provide yourself a healthy cushion for when times are really hard.
    Bodies are evidence to the NPCs of Mafia City, so you shouldn’t just leave them out in the open for everyone to see (unless you don’t care about police showing up and causing a ruckus, that is). Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for an enemy to be in the perfect place to be killed. You can do your deed, then move the body to a better place on your own, away from the prying eyes of the now deceased’s allies and potential witnesses.
    We don't currently have review code to confirm, but gangster games online do, and they've released a post about the game's current PC performance.
    Hopefully that means we hear more from them if there are delays, or an early release if nothing negative is found. It's a shame this had to happen post-release, considering the predictability of complaints regarding framerates, proper mouse support and other elements these days. PC users, particularly those on Steam with access to reviews and refunds, just don't accept it anymore.
    Most of the time, though, driving through New Bordeaux is a rather boring experience. Some parts of the city are striking, especially at night, and it’s varied to the point where there’s even a sprawling bayou and plenty of countryside, but they’re devoid of excitement. They are places you drive through. A lot. And that’s it. It’s so dull that a chase is a novelty. Imagine that, in an open-world crime game. Steal some drugs from a bunch of gangsters, and they’ll happily keep shooting at you until you get in your car and drive away. When that happens, they just go back to whatever it is gangsters do when they’re not doing all the crimes. Play cards, I guess. Cops aren’t much harder to avoid.

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    To sprint in Mafia City Game, all you have to do is press down on the left stick (L3). This should set Lincoln off running faster than usual. Simply use your left stick to control where he’s running as you normally would and you’ll be able to seek out cover or get away much faster than before. That’s all there is to it.

    Getting away from the police requires the completion of two steps, getting out of a red circle, then getting out of a blue one. The red one will be the trickiest as the officers will be more adamant and will shoot on sight. This makes them very dangerous, especially since you’ll be grossly outnumbered. Run or drive as fast as you can to escape this initial circle. Once free, you’ll find yourself in a blue circle.

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