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There is some nice world-building in Mafia City

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    26 de julho de 2018 23:17:08 ART

    Denby Grace, the senior producer for YOTTAGAME' Mafia City has apologized for a flip answer to a rather stock interview question in which he said "gay space marines" were the biggest problem facing video games.
    The takedowns in this game are unnecessarily violent, which is a real turn-off. Sneak takedowns involve Clay stabbing people several times in the gut, throat or face with an enormous knife, accompanied by gruesome sound effects. Mafia City H5 tends to excess, it appears: cars flip over and explode when gently grazed by an oncoming vehicle, gun takedowns involve shooting goons across the room on the end of a shotgun, there are seemingly endless rival criminals to shoot or explode or gut. Clay has rocket-launchers and grenades in all his bases. I’m re-watching The Sopranos at the moment, and it’s making me wonder what a mafia online game mob story might look like if it were punctuated rather than dominated by intense violence. (It probably wouldn’t sell.)
    There is some nice world-building in Mafia City. I love walking through the French Ward and hearing distant jazz music leaking from the doorways of bars and clubs. A small detail, but one that brings the place to life. Mostly, though, it’s one of the most uninspiring virtual cities I’ve explored in years, with miles of seemingly identical-looking streets.
    "It's standard policy not to discuss the operational status of our forces," said Cook. "However, we felt it important to declassify portions of the information associated with this event to ensure the public understands that the detected and quarantined virus posed no threat to our operational mission and that control of our remotely piloted aircraft was never in question.
    Last month Mafia City developer Yottagame introduced animal-based weapons and vehicles to Mafia City, allowing dons to purchase ferocious animal companions to use in the never-ending fight against each other.

    Mafia City Hands-On: The Scenic Route Is Full Of Centerfolds
    Before we discuss the game's strengths, one should get the weaknesses out of the way. You should love driving virtual cars slowly to play this game. 80% (or more) of gangster games online is driving. Luckily you're driving through a meticulously detailed, beautiful, and absolutely staggeringly rich city, but it's still driving slowly, following traffic, and so on. When there are shootouts, be prepared, because Mafia City has perhaps the worst checkpoint system I've seen in recent games in years. You can find yourself having to repeat half an hour of driving and conversations because you died once. So, it must be said, proceed with caution.

    Take-Two Interactive has a very busy fiscal fourth quarter, pegging four big games, L.A. Noire, Mafia City, Max Payne 3 and Sid Meier's Civilization V, for release between August and October. However, one of those games might not make it.

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