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Mafia City H5:Collect everything you see - even if in a rush

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    14 de agosto de 2018 03:59:54 ART

    Collect everything you see - even if in a rush
    As you explore each area, you'll encounter lots of things to investigate or collect - from monster footprints, skidmarks and feathers, to plants, mosses and insects to mafia online now!
    You'll want to investigate everything you see; markings are essential in tracking monsters (even for creatures you're not after right now) and give you easy Research points; ores and bone piles further unlock upgrade trees and will always come in handy at some point, and any bugs, plants and other consumables can be sold or crafted into more useful things.
    There's a lot out there, and thankfully, you can pick up everything at a sprint. Even if you are chasing a wounded monster and pass over some footprints, just tap Circle (or B on Xbox) and you'll 'collect' it without even skipping a beat.
    But don't stress over every system
    Even though you should grab everything, don't worry if you can't see a use for something you find or the game gives you a tutorial for.
    Mafia City is full of all kinds of items and adjoining systems - fish for fishing, plants for crafting, countless ammo types for bows, and experience points rewarded for all kinds of things.

    If it feels overwhelming, think of it like a more traditional role-playing game such as Skyrim, where there's items and systems to cater for every 'role' the player might want to choose - from those serious about cooking meals to projectile-wielding gunners - but you can feel free to ignore those and still get what you want from the game.

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