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Five Easiest to get Old School RuneScape Pets

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    30 de novembro de 2018 03:59:55 ART

    Do you remember the days when you saw someone in full dragon gear and gazed at them with awe and respect? Or maybe you‘re still a new player and seeing something like that is still impressing to you? In this blog post we‘re not going to talk about gear, though, but a rather different kind of achievement and that is getting yourself a pet. Now, whether you feel the need for companionship or simply wish to acquire a vanity item to gain bragging rights, we have something for you – a list of five pets that are easiest to acquire! Although, it should be mentioned that even these five easiest to get pets are harder to obtain than some achievements and your character might need to get some steroids in form of OSRS gold to be eligible for getting these pets, still, they’re the easiest to get, so here we go.
    Pet Number 5: Pet Smoke Devil

    Slayer level 93

    You will need to kill the smoke devil plenty of times for the pet to be dropped, but if you’re into weird alien-looking abstraction of a pet, this is your boss of choice! Of course, in order to be able to slay it, you will need to be on the smoke devil slayer task. You can also check out youtube guide for this slayer task.

    ​These gaseous monsters can be found in the cave south of Castle Wars

    These gaseous monsters can be found in the cave south of Castle Wars
    Pet Number 4: Pet Kraken

    Slayer level 87

    Whether you’re into Davy Jones, H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu or simply love the fauna of the deep seas, this pet is for you! Despite the fact that killing Kraken provides a chance to obtain the adorable gooey pet kraken, it’s also a decent money maker, so you’d be getting two birds with one stone. Make sure you're ready by watching this video guide.

    Kraken can be found in a cove, so there's no need for you to assemble a crew and set sail into the high seas
    Pet Number 3: Scorpia’s Offspring

    Whoever was impressed by the might of the cinematic Scorpion King will surely want to have this pet follow them and instill fear into their enemies. You will need to get to scorpion pit in the northernmost part of the Wilderness, so bring some food and teletabs in case you encounter some angry looking PKer. Or bring weapons and armor and introduce the poor fellow to the silence of the grave. Check out this Scorpia guide if you're new to this!

    You probably never imagined a scenario where you enter a scorpion pit voluntarily, but a menacing pet scorpion is worth doing it
    Pet Number 2: Pet Chaos Elemental

    For this one you can actually choose your target: it’s either Chaos Fanatic or Chaos Elemental. Though Chaos Fanatic has a significantly lower pet droprate, it’s easier to put down than Chaos Elemental. Unless you’ve got some serious gear to show that boss who’s the real boss. Check out how to bring order to chaos with this handy Chaos elemental guide.

    ​Don't let the gibberish this oldman is talking to underestimate him

    Don't let the gibberish this oldman is talking to underestimate him
    Pet Number 1: Chompy Chick

    In order to deserve the right to be accompanied by this adorable flightless chick, you will need to kill Chompy Birds. The prerequisite to get this pet is to have completed the elite Western Provinces diary, which will only help you since the chance to acquire the pet is higher the more of Chompy Birds you have slain in succession. Not all of us are green thumbs, so you might need some guidance to deal with chicken.

    The free-ranging chicken south of Castle Wars might be worth your attention despite of your dietary preferences

    We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and we’re also looking forward to seeing you bring one of your pets with you the next time we’ll be having business! Don’t forget that we’re now also selling and renting some amazing handmade OSRS accounts, so make sure to grab one and be a few steps closer to greatness!

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