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MapleStory 2: What the Max Level Cap Can Be

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    2 de dezembro de 2018 23:53:18 ART

    The solution is straightforward. Make this match multiplayer. I believe a good deal of folks here would agree with me that this match could be a whole lot more enjoyable if we could share the experience with many people.I don't know if the guys at Nexon know about this game named World of Warcraft, but Maplestory 2 Mesos is a sport where lots of people exist in a single world rather than everybody residing in their world.

    Playing by yourself makes this match dull like this match, but partying and going on raids is what makes the game enjoyable. It's the community which makes the game so great. This sport can have that same experience if Nexon added multiplayer to this match.

    Right now, I have an archer at level 140. Would not it be cool if there were some people training ? I'm grinding . Just seeing people passing by or training at the exact same place as I'd make me feel so much better even if it is not a party.

    At this time, because this match is single-player, the game seems so lonely that I don't wish to play it in its current state.Anyway, I hope that the guys over at Nexon listen to my suggestions and add multiplayer.Maplestory2 Phantoms: So investment for so little reward?

    First, let me start off my admitting that I'm very biased for the ghost class and I am not here to inquire Nexon to buff phantom or nerf different classes: I'd just like to know everyone's opinion on whether or not I need to keep the ghost class or sell all my gear and try to finance a NW instead.

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