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How to Use FIFA 19 V Word Pull Ball?

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    27 de dezembro de 2018 06:38:05 ART
    The V shaped ball is a practical skill in football. When you use it, you can use the formation of the opposing defensive player to provide the space for the players. Many players don't know how to use this technique. Come to FIFA19 in the use of V-shaped ball.
    Method of operation
    In the static state (premise), hold down the RT button, press the fake shot, and turn the left stick to the left/right.
    The V shaped ball is a fancy that can be quickly activated and opened up in a static state. It is very fancy at first, which can make the opponent suddenly stunned. Secondly, its instant start is very fast, and it can open a large gap.
    I did a three vacancy demonstration with Neymar. I can see that this action first requires the player to be stationary. Therefore, the V shaped ball is generally a fancy action after the "false stop" or "crank emergency stop". The fancy is also very fast.
    In the above picture, Mahlers first made a backward kick and then quickly made a V shaped pull, then followed the V shaped ball to the left to start the direction, entered the shooting target area, and easily scored. Here we have another illustration.
    The meaning of the above picture is that the direction of the V shaped ball is controlled by us, to the left or to the right, and it is generally recommended to the left. Because the ball is pulled to the left V, it will directly hold the ball on the left foot, and facing the left side, you can complete the smashing shot or the long shot. (This is a very suitable action for Salah and Mahrez)
    After using Bogba to pull the ball and then stop the ball, he quickly used a V shaped pull ball. At this time, the five defenders concentrated on the left side, passing Neymar as a fulcrum and passing it to the open Piero to complete the score.
    Summary of key points
    First, the best use of left and left players (such as Salah or Maharez)
    Second, the V shaped ball is mainly used on the left side to quickly cut the score. In fact, as long as you know, the V shaped ball is for the smashing service.
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