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MMOGO is working for supply full stock MapleStory M Mesos

  • 3 de janeiro de 2019 05:00:38 ART


    So yes, so I am level 230 and I don't know a good  buy Maplestory M Mesos deal of things about whats going on and the reason is because I don't have people who understand this things to ask, a lot of the who I used to talk to no more play anymore. . .And well since a lot of these "Cool Kids" despise me since I've exposed them as being botters they desire nothing to do with me personally.Ohhh and something that I wanna say is all I could do is train that's all,


    I can't do nothing else because well I don't have the gear to perform bossing and well let us just say there is no equipment for my course so even if I wanted to find that gear well I can not. And when I could find clean gear well then I'd need to scroll itself so I had needs mesos to cover all of the overpriced scrolls and wind up having to fall over $500 to block my equipment or simply wind up needing to wait till a Double Miracle Time and I have money that day to combine into cubing.


    Because I was trying to show off the part where it'd how long I was on for nicely the Forum Moderator claims I was spamming the very first time that I made a thread about a screen shot like it I had been inquiring mentioning the game was thinking a Gollux Pendent was a pendent that gives EXP.And well I tried to show an image of the pendent since I believed it was cool that it revealed I was wearing it to 141 hours since the old days you'd find a message in the conversation saying


    You have been enjoying MapleStory for xxx hours you need to  Maple M Mesos take a break.Well I tried to show that picture to helpfully get people to reply on the thread and perhaps end up making a buddy wrestling nicely it ended just being called "spam".Some Useful Suggestions For MapleStory Kanna ClassHey guys, welcome back to MMOgo, the ideal site for MapleStory two mesos, guides and news. Is these changes suitable and reasonable? How can you enjoy Kanna in sport?


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    thank you for letting me know Some useful suggestions for MapleStory Kanna ClassHey, it is very helpful to me  novel updates