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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Controls the Ocean Spurs Mission Guide

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    28 de janeiro de 2019 06:21:22 ART

    Assassin's Creed: There are a lot of quests in Odyssey. When the middle and late stages are more difficult, the player needs to have a certain level to complete. See Assassin's Creed below: Odyssey controls the Ocean Spurs mission guide and hopes to help everyone.

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    Recommended level: 28+

    Location: Chios

    Unlock condition: Complete the side line mission "Sacred Oath"

    Reward: Money, XP, "For my pirate life" trophy / part of the achievement (Zaneia's last mission can get "Aphrodite's embrace" trophy / achievement)

    mission target

    · Acquired the tidal conch shell of Terry

    · Use your treasure map in the quest bar to find lost treasures

    · The location of the conch shell in the rumor: exploring the underwater caves of Chalkidiki

    starting point

    Complete Zannias second treasure hunt mission, Sacred Oath,” and then go to Keos Island to find her for the next mission.

    Get Terry's tidal conch shell

    Similar to the previous two treasure hunt missions, Zaneia gives you a few maps of Terry and Conch shells, only one is true.

    Terry's tidal conch shells are in the underwater caves of the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki (Macedonia). See the location indicated in the following true treasure map:

    Explore the underwater caves of Chalkidiki

    Go there, your character will say that you have found the right place. Continue to track the sideline mission "The location of the conch shell in the rumor" from the taskbar.

    Dive into the cave (marked in the map), and then follow the blue-haired jellyfish (referring to the road). Swim through the third group of jellyfish, climb the wall, and then dive into the water on the other side. If you don't know this step, you will have some trouble. The cave is very deep. If you get lost, you will go back early. Remember to climb up when you pass the third group of jellyfish.

    There are some bandits and a big treasure chest deep in the cave. Open the treasure chest and take the conch shell.

    Return the conch shell to Zanesia of Keos. She will give the fourth treasure hunt task "rolling the dice".