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    15 de fevereiro de 2019 06:05:16 ART

    FIFA 19 is unarguably one of the best soccer games out there now; even the ardent game critics would agree that it’s currently way ahead of PES 19. The developers of FIFA 19; EA SPORTS, certainly are shrewd enough to unravel more interesting add-ons newly introduced in their latest release in a bid to lure more game lovers and capture more market shares to grow their ever increasing target market. FIFA 19 which was first released only for game consoles like Xbox and PS4 is now available for download on google play store and iOS store for mobile phone users.

    The new FIFA 19 gives more of a new fresh air of stately earned grace as regards the game experience inside and off the football pitch. The benignness of EA SPORTS to include not just the UEFA champions league but other series of gameplay innovations on game consoles (PS4 & Xbox one) and PC, provides a whole new level of chills that transcends what was experienced when FIFA 18 was still the only holy grail.

    We all must admit that the tremendous upsurge in the purchase of new game consoles can be attributed to the newly added real player motion technology and the stunning HD graphics of FIFA 19; at least at 95% confidence interval. Aside various amazing features which characterized the new release of FIFA 19, the most interesting feature would be the unalloyed liberty given to mobile users to enjoy their game offline unlike the previous release which requires active internet data or Wi-Fi connection. The ability to seamlessly find new ways to control every aspect of every minute on the pitch is what made FIFA 19 the G.O.A.T in soccer games.

    The preference might be different for everyone; heck, I’ve even heard someone mention that hearing Peter Dury’s voice in the commentary alone will make him to gladly spend his solitary days in a haunted house with pride and prestige. While that might be an attempt at dark humour, it’s also exactly the person’s most preferred feature in the new FIFA 19. For some it could be the HD graphics that make players appear more like their real selves better than FIFA 18 quality, it could be the realistic gameplay in various competitions and football leagues, the availability of latest transfers from FIFA, the new Active Touch System which fundamentally improves the way a player receives and strike the football as well as the overall fluidity of players’ movement in the football pitch.

    Another interesting feature that comes with new FIFA 19 is the RTPM (Real Player Motion Technology). This encompasses of everything excellently crispy. The newly introduced animation system of RTPM boasts of seamless enhancement of player’s special movements and personality. In this context, EA SPORTS brought back even more heightened unique animations like; impact balancing, responsiveness to different emotions, tactical shielding and defending, players physical football jostling and dribbling tactics and much more.

    Are you still yet to get your hands on FIFA 19? Relax while I briefly highlight some of the awesome features that came with the new FIFA 19 mobile game.

    • Multiplayer Support: FIFA 19 supports multiplayer with the use of Bluetooth connection; so with this, you can easily compete with your friends via your smartphone.
    • New UEFA Champions League License Acquired By EA: This newly acquired license gives EA the liberty to feature 52 different stadiums worldwide as well the best footballers in the planet. More so, Players rating was upgraded as well.
    • Improved commentary:  Alan Smith and Legendary Peter Dury are the commentators used in FIFA 19.
    • External Gamepad Support: You can pair an external joystick to your android smartphone or iOs phone to enable you to play the game. It works pretty well with PSP pad as well. I bet those that are conversant with PSP emulator can already find this feature so picturesque.
    • Improved Crowd Engine: There’s visibly an increase in the number of crowd in the stadium, this increase in the number of crowds automatically amounts to louder chants and clapping; this especially can be more appreciated when a player scores a goal. This loud shouting and clapping will definitely boost the morale of the players while the crowd cheer them to victory.
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    9 de março de 2019 10:02:34 ART

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