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The RuneScape Chef’s Assistant

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    21 de fevereiro de 2019 05:42:47 ART

    As the bottle sequel of the very first quest in game, RS Chef’s Assistant allows you to help the Head Chef make a cheesecake dessert in the Cooking Guild RuneScape. To get started, players must have firstly completed Cook’s Assistant. Then simply head over to the Cooks’ Guild in Varrock and speak to Head Chef to begin the quest. By the way, our site buy, sell and swap Runescape gold at the best rates. 100% safe and secure!

    Like the former quests involved with the cook, you will be asked to take a series of adventures. During the adventures, you will help the cook collect the material he needs for his menu of a big event. It’s a relatively short combat-free F2P bottle quest that’s available to all players with access to the Cooks’ Guild, which requires level 32 Cooking.

    This time in the Chef’s Assistant, the developer team has guaranteed that there will be more interesting adventures and plenty of tasty food. What is more exciting, you are gonna collect flavoured milk, like Chocolatey milk and strawberry milk, from player-owned farm. Once your cheesecake skills have been mastered, you’ll be able to make six different varieties with prayer restore and healing effects. As well as the Quest point, there’s also some very cheesecakey post-quest content and a new achievement to grab.

    After completing the quest, you will be rewarded with 1 quest point, 3 cheesecakes, and 1,500 experience lamps. You will also win 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice in addition to the ability to bake cheesecakes and biscuits.

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