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Raymond mill model and purchase tips

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    10 de março de 2019 23:27:41 ART

    With the increasing use of powder in industrial production and daily chemical production, the application of large Raymond mills is relatively more and more. In addition to the large Raymond mill, there are many models of Raymond mills on the market. When purchasing a Raymond mill, the manufacturer still purchases a small raymond mill or other Raymond mill equipment that suits his or her own needs.

    The appropriate Raymond mill model determines the life and death of a milling company. If the company chooses the Raymond mill model, regardless of the price, as long as the production can be recognized and widely used by the market, then this The choice of machine is very suitable. The products produced are the winners of the society. It is obvious how important the model of Raymond mill is.

    The choice of large Raymond mills is mainly based on the nature of the materials handled by the miller (including the structure, hardness, color of the minerals, the required grades of the products, the shape of the pellets, etc.). The second point is mainly It is to look at the installed capacity of the whole machine, that is, the power consumption (energy consumption) and the required volume per unit time. For powders with special requirements, the user often pays attention to the particle shape of the powder product. In addition, because non-metallic ore powder products are mostly white minerals, when selecting a large Raymond mill, the secondary pollution of the product should be paid more attention.

    According to the above questions, when choosing a small Raymond mill, it is ideal to know which equipment you are purchasing is in that category. What kind of design principle and the effect of the small Raymond mill can be selected? The equipment will be close to the quantity, grade, grade, etc. you require. Secondly, the user should check the equipment you are going to select. The role of the examination is quite large. The main performance is: equipment installation and commissioning are very convenient, once completed, because the auxiliary machine that the host manufacturer gives you is tested and ground. It will be very suitable in the production line. After the production line is put into production, it will smoothly achieve the production purpose you requested; purchasing a good set of equipment is a time-saving, labor-saving and labor-saving thing for the powder manufacturer.

    Through the above, I believe that everyone has their own experience in the choice of Raymond mill models, large Raymond mill is a large-scale machinery, the general investment is also more, so users should choose large when purchasing Manufacturers, so as not to be deceived to buy a pile of scrap iron.