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one question

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    1 de maio de 2019 09:40:46 ART

    Is there a way to save money on trips? It's so expensive :c

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    1 de maio de 2019 14:17:00 ART

    Yeap, there is. Have you heard about hot deals? Sometimes tour operators can't sell all their tours and then they decrease prices or just make a huge temporary discount. It's quite hard to follow all these good bargains. But there are sites like this one where you can find the best offers easily.

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    2 de agosto de 2019 20:10:40 ART

    Well, saving money while you're on the trip all you need is a preplanned schedule. For suggetion, I could recommend that I've been using kayak for the ease of changing searches and having flexible dates and nearby airports but then it's up to you to search the best prices.

    Be aware of company charges and it is often more expensive going direct to the airline. There are some special sites everywhere I mostly use these list of cheap flights sites.

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    7 de setembro de 2019 06:53:24 ART

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    18 de janeiro de 2020 05:02:38 ART

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