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What present do you guys gift to your fathers on father day?

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    24 de junho de 2019 05:01:55 ART

    I know it’s awkward to ask someone or interface in their lives but without asking it my curiosity will not overcome.  Obviously, everyone loves their parents some of them express their feeling in fronts of the others keep hide just because they are bashful but it’s not mean that they dislike their parents.  We get one special day for them to serve father day and mother day but honestly, in my opinion, we should celebrate each day for them because impossible for us to return their scarification and hard work which they have done for us.  Although my father loves to wear leather jackets so from here I got a clue to gift them on father day customize jackets and literally believe me when he opened my present he hug me and such a memorable moment it was for me may god give us long life to our parents and their keep their precious prayers with us for all time.

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    19 de outubro de 2019 04:04:02 ART

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