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    How An Insurance Company Makes Money

    By Joe Folger

    I worked in the insurance industry for 16 years and saw
    first hand how profitable an insurance company can be. I
    will not attempt to go into the nitty gritty details but I
    will give you a pretty good idea in the form of an
    overview Bill Mazeroski Youth Jersey , how profitable a venture an insurance company can

    Insurance is a form of risk management. It is purchased to
    avoid the possibility of a large , potential future loss.
    To compensate the insurance company for taking on this
    potential future payout, the insured pays the insurance
    company a certain sum of money known as the premium. In
    return for the payment of the premium the insured receives
    a written document, known as the insurance policy Jung-ho Kang Youth Jersey , that
    lays out what events are being insured and what the payment
    to the policyholder would be if that event actually

    The insurance company collects the premiums of a large
    group of insureds to cover the few losses they would have
    to pay out use historical data to figure the
    probability of losses and then charge premiums to cover
    them while building in a profit for themselves.

    For example,let's say there were 100 houses each worth
    $100,000 in a particular area. They would have a total
    value of $10,000 Starling Marte Youth Jersey ,000. According to the history of that
    neighborhood, two houses are expected to burn down during
    any one year. Without insurance all 100 homeowners would
    have to keep $100,000 in the bank to cover the possibility
    of the house burning and needing to rebuild it. With
    insurance, each homeowner would only need to pay $2 Josh Harrison Youth Jersey ,000
    into an insurance pool to pay for rebuilding the two houses
    that are expected to burn down.

    2 houses burn x $100,000 = $200,000 for rebuilding the
    houses $200,000 divided by the 100 homeowners = $2 Kent Tekulve Youth Jersey ,000

    That $2,000 premium will then have to be increased somewhat
    to add a profit margin for the insurance company.

    In addition to the built in profit that the insurance
    company adds in to each premium it takes in, the company
    would also be subject to the actual experience of the
    insured group. If it takes in more money in premiums than
    it paid out in claims then it receives what is known as an
    underwriting profit. And, on the other hand if it pays out
    more than it has taken in then it has an underwriting loss.

    One way of looking at how well an insurance company is
    doing is to look at their loss ratio. The loss ratio is
    calculated by taking the losses they had to pay out and add
    to that the expenses they incurred to actual pay out the
    claims and divide that sum by the premiums taken in. A
    ratio of less than 100% shows a profit and a ratio greater
    than 100% indicates a loss.

    In many cases if an insurance company's ratio is greater
    than 100% they can still be profitable. That is because
    there is usually a period of time between taking in
    premiums and paying out claims. During that period of time
    the company can invest the money taken in and they can earn
    a profit from that investment to offset any underwriting
    loss and could actually end up with a net profit. For
    example Roberto Clemente Youth Jersey , if the insurance company pays out 15% more in
    claims and expenses than premiums it took in, but made a
    25% profit from its investments, then it would have
    received a 10% profit.

    So, as can be seen there is more than one way to skin the
    profitability cat for an insurance company to make money.
    Two key factors in that regard are how well they can
    predict their payouts and how well they can invest the
    money they take in.

    About the Author
    Joe Folger with his extensive experience in the insurance
    industry is the go to guy for insurance questions. For more
    insurance company information you can go to
    Insurance Company Information

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