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KADINJA - Episteme

Publicado por Lino Gomes Junior
KADINJA - EPISTEME (Music Video 2015)

Directed by Camille De Saint Jean and Pilou Guetta
In collaboration with Frédéric Bruno, Thomas Burgess et William Oger.

Studio :
Cinematographer : Frédéric Bruno
Steadycam : Thomas Burgess
Camera Assistant: William Oger
Video Editing: Pilou Guetta and Camille De Saint Jean
Calibration : Paul Pourtout
Mix/Master/Vocals production Amaël Durand from Novelist


Too many steps on the way
The road seems endless
Harassed by doubts
Answers never come
I watch you walking
And walking on your footsteps
I try to dwell the present
To live here and now
Slowly, I'm going down
Stalking your rhythm
I pitch myself to sound like you

The end is coming
The end is coming
We're staring at each other
And sinking is my way to shine

One last move
Your reflection push me downwards
To finally turn into scum
One last threshold
Watching your face from under the surface
I watch you walking
And walking on your footsteps
I try to dwell the present
To live here and now
And i don't know how
To live here and now

Night falls over the blocks
Streets get purple
Tension fills up the place
Like chest connected with memories
Shelters aren't silenceproof
Buldings freeze
Like untasty words in my throat
I'd carve this meaningless instant
Because this instant teaches me so much

I fight to believe
I'll be able to ignore and to forget

To become what i am without getting wasted
I do realize
I am beyound my dreams
My thoughts don't belong that place anymore
I am out of space
I am out of time


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