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UNEVEN STRUCTURE - Funambule (Official HD Audio - Basick Records)

Publicado por Lino Gomes Junior


A jarring noise tears apart the ocean, cold steam running down my spine
Carry me where these currents lead
Since my input has no weight, don't ask for my views
And realize you both pull leashes over a single harness
I gather my spirits, echoes of a vivid dream keep me in a state of disarray
As the vessel goes adrift I realize the sisters are leading me deeper down the rabbit hole
Suspend me here, in mid-water
Make me glimpse how it feels to be so hesitant
Such a rope-walker when it comes to showing your emotions
Your mask is slipping
How can I keep the balance without having to hold on to you
What would it take for you to not wanna , just for once, bait me
and suck me down the bottomless pit of yours
I won't be used
Don't expect me to embrace your intentions
Lay your eyes on me, I'm purposeless...

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