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Highly profitable investments on the Internet (HYIPs) - how to

  • A novice investor cannot do without risks when investing, excluding safe bank deposits. Without the initial capital, it is impossible for an investor to generate income in a hype. These investments will not be able to bring enough profit, because it always depends on inflation. In order to increase the level of income, the investor decides to invest in more profitable programs, and they expose him to even more risks.

    Investors should be wary of projects that pose a high chance of losing funds. Only after studying all the information about the program, you can think about future investments. There is always a high probability of attacking scammers.

    It is not always worth relying on reliable HYIP projects as from https://www.hyipexplorer.com, as they can fall apart at some time (for example, as a result of a stock market crash, trading failure, or for many other reasons). It must be remembered that at the heart of investment programs are people like you, mere mortals, capable of mistakes and miscalculations. To reduce the risks in HYIP, a novice investor should study the basic principles of these projects.

    According to statistics, everything has an expiration date, just like investment programs. Sooner or later, any such resource will be closed, be it even the most honest project or a financial pyramid. Often it is economic difficulties that are the main reason for their collapse.

    Stages of development of HYIP projects

    Any HYIP goes through several stages.

    Promotion phase

    It represents the initial stage of project development. During this period, it does not bring any income and, on the contrary, costs its creators quite dearly. In order for the resource to develop in the future, it is necessary to spend money on creating a site, promoting it, advertising. And at the same time, there is no guarantee that the new HYIP project will find support from investors and will generate a million income.

    Growth phase

    At this time, the program begins the stage of independent development and gradually attracts customers. The larger the audience is interested in it, the faster the HYIP project will start making a profit due to customer contributions.

    Saturation phase

    This period is considered the most static and motionless in the life cycle of the resource. It is at the third stage that the number of depositors grows and the program expands, which already brings profit to investors.

    Decline phase

    It is characterized by a decline in customer interest in the program. Many of them decide to withdraw their money permanently, stopping at a certain amount. This, of course, hinders the further development of the new HYIP project, since money is starting to actively leave it. This can lead to many economic problems, which entail the most negative consequences for the life of the site, up to and including its closure. In this connection, the creators of HYIPs are taking certain tactics to eliminate stagnation and return the project to its usual course.

    This phase becomes the final one for financial pyramids, which, due to the lack of funds for payments, have no choice but to close the project. Sometimes there are especially stubborn organizers of HYIPs who, even during a period of decline, manage to rehabilitate their offspring. But the easiest way is for the admin to scam the project and stay in the black himself.

    Enter in time

    Among the conclusions from this information, the main one is that the final profit completely depends on the phase of the project during which you enter it. Therefore, the most successful investments in HYIP can be made in the first three stages of project development. This instruction also applies to financial pyramids, which at first create the illusion of stability to attract customers.

    Scam Harbingers

    You cannot delay the withdrawal of funds - it is better to do this in the interval between the third and fourth stages. However, it is impossible to accurately determine the optimal time for withdrawing money. But there are a number of project properties that can alert the contributor:

    1. Low decline in website traffic, which indicates a decrease in interest in the project.
    2. The appearance of promotions and bonuses should attract the attention of an experienced investor,  since this is how the creators of the program try to get the additional funds that they lack.
    3. Increased advertising after the promotion phase also indicates the emergence of problems within the project.
    4. Reviews and characteristics of the site on the forums, they are important at this particular moment in time. The mood of the masses is also formed by the general attitude towards the resource; after one negative review, a large amount of funds from different clients can be immediately withdrawn from the project.

    An increase in the time for withdrawing money from the site - may indicate the organizers' financial problems. Thus, delays in payments are associated with their search for free money.