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How to read a message on Instagram

  • Regular Instagram users will find it helpful to figure out how to read an Instagram post to keep it unread. In standard messengers, everything is simple - after reading, two check marks appear opposite the message.

    Things are different on Instagram. Namely, there are no special checkmarks on the social network, and the user learns about reading from the "Read" icon. The icon also does not always appear.

    There is a separate built-in function inside the messenger. It acts as a private message and is called Direct. New Instagram updates are gradually appearing, new functions are being added to Direct. One of the functions is an indicator of read messages, which does not always work. You can view read messages in Direct by launching the function and selecting the desired dialogue with the interlocutor. Detailed instructions on how to find out if a message has been read on Instagram:

    • Log in to the social network. Enter your username and password in the appropriate input fields.
    • The news section is located on the tab bar in the lower left corner. Go there by clicking on the house-shaped button.
    • At the top of the screen in the right corner is a drawn paper airplane. Click on it by going to Direct.
    • A tab will open with a list of dialogs with other users. Select the required interlocutor and click on the dialogue.
    • A tab with this dialog will open, where you can read the message. A Viewed icon appears below the text you submitted, or a View is indicated by an eye icon.
    • Messages from strangers are displayed separately. They are shown in the "Correspondence requests" located in the upper right corner of the Direct tab. After reading it, the author will not know about it until you allow the correspondence or answer the message.
    • It is possible to respond to incoming messages in writing by sending voice messages or temporary pictures or videos.

    Also, not everyone knows how to understand if an Instagram message has been read from a computer. Unfortunately, at the moment, the computer version of the application has little functionality. That is, you won't be able to view the inboxes in Yandex.Direct or reply to them. However, this is possible in the Android emulator for personal computers or using plugins. To use extensions, you need to install them on your computer. Some plugins work for free, the most popular emulator right now is BlueStacks.

    Has the message been read

    So how do you know that an Instagram message has been read? Often after sending an outgoing message to other users, there is no response. In this regard, similar questions arise. It's easy to find out if a person saw the incoming text - the word "Read" is located under the text you sent. The caption will not appear if the person has closed Direct to you.

    Also, the inscription is absent if the message is not read. You can delete it both at yourself and at the interlocutor, however, in this case, it becomes difficult to restore the correspondence.


    Reading on Instagram

    Let's figure out in more detail how to find out - whether a person has read a message on Instagram from gadgets on various operating systems. The question began to appear frequently after the addition of a new function and has not ceased to be asked by inexperienced users until now. With instagram profile tracker you can to jnow many things about account instagram. Initially, Direct was created to communicate with each other. It also has a reading indicator that notifies both interlocutors. Over time, the functions began to multiply, it became possible to create large groups where up to fifteen people correspond. Let's consider its use on Androids and iPhones:

    • How to find out that an Instagram message has been read on Android smartphones? Log in to the social network and launch Direct by tapping the paper airplane symbol. A list of all user dialogs is displayed on the monitor. Choose the one you need and go to the message. The read message is displayed next to the "Viewed" caption.
    • How to see if an Instagram message has been read from iPhones: log in to the social network. Then go to the news tab, indicated by the house. Launch Direct, indicated by the airplane. Select the one you want from the list of interlocutors. The "Viewed" icon will also appear below the last message.

    There are no major differences between the two different operating systems. The only difference arises with older versions of the application - an eye-shaped symbol appears on Androids. However, on all devices with the new version, the word "Read" appears, regardless of operating systems. Viewing information about messages in the web version is not possible in an official way. There is no built-in Direct on computers. Download additional plugins or emulators or use mobile devices with the official app.