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How to Change the Login Credentials of My Router Using Netgear

  • In this how-to tutorial, we will guide you with some easy-to-execute steps on how to change SSID and password (login credentials) of your WiFi router using the Netgear app. Not only this but also we will discuss some important features of the Netgear app here. Let’s take the plunge! 

    Change the Login Credentials of the WiFi router via Netgear App

    • Turn on your WiFi router. Make sure that it is receiving sufficient power supply.
    • Place your WiFi router at the center location of your house. To get the most out of your router, it is suggested to locate it at a higher, neat, and dry surface. Do not ground or hide it.
    • Now, turn on a mobile device (any), laptop or PC and connect it to your router wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.
    • Open the Netgear app. If you don’t have the app, download and install it from the App Store or Play Store.
    • Enter the Netgear router login credentials you used for the first-time login.
    • Once done, click on the Log In or Sign In button.
    • The Dashboard thus displays.
    • Click on “WiFi Settings” option and then enter your new SSID (username) in the “WiFi Network Name” field.
    • Then, enter the new password (network key or security key) in the password/ network key field and click on “Apply” or “Save”.

    Congratulations! You have successfully changed the SSID and password of your WiFi router using the Netgear app.

    Now, let us brief you about Netgear app and its features. Let’s get started!

    The app makes it much easier to setup Netgear router and get the most out of your WiFi. With the help of this app, you can easily go through the Netgear router setup process in a few easy steps. Just connect any one of your networking devices like PC, laptop or mobile phone to the WiFi network and the Netgear app will walk you through the rest.

    Once you have setup Netgear router successfully, you can use its intuitive dashboard to pause the internet on your devices, run a quick internet speed test, manage your home network remotely from anywhere, etc.

    Now, we will discuss the features that are supported by the Netgear app.

    Note: The below-mentioned features of Netgear app varies upon which model you are using.

    WiFi Settings

    Configure the SSID, password, and security method with ease.

    Device List

    Display the list of those devices that are connected to your home WiFi network.

    Guest WiFi

    This feature allows you connect only those devices to access your WiFi that you allow.

    Note: It is important to secure your WiFi network with a strong password. Also, change the password in a month. Do not create a password using nick names, birth dates, mobile number, etc.

    QR Code WiFi Sharing

    Share the details of your WiFi network using the Quick Response (QR) code.

    Speed Test

    Run a quick and famous Ookla speed test (in-built).

    Parental Controls

    Keep your kids away from the access of irrelevant sites. By enabling the feature via you can have a look at all the online activities of your kids.

    Traffic Meter

    This feature of the Netgear app lets you monitor and control the traffic of your WiFi network remotely.

    Remote Management System

    Enable and disable (turn off and turn on) the remote access feature using the Netgear app.

    Details of your WiFi Network

    Configure and setup Netgear router, parental controls, guest WiFi settings, etc. in one go.

    Setup and Installation

    Provide you easy Netgear router setup instructions for your device along with the login details.

    Firmware Update

    Give you the handy instructions to update Netgear router firmware update with ease. To get the most out of your router and WiFi, regularly update its firmware whenever it is available.