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The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

  • Choosing a movie to watch may be pretty frustrating and time-consuming, especially when it comes to searching on streaming platforms with a huge film collection like Amazon Prime. Therefore, to make the task easier for you, we have prepared the top list of films currently available on Amazon Prime. This content is provided by

    The Top List of Films On Amazon Prime


    This is a music biographic movie based on the real life events of Elton John's early career. It covers all his ups and downs from a prosy life in the peri-urban area to becoming a glamorous rock-star. The movie is corny, but in a good way. Taron Egerton’s splendid rendering of the main role will definitely satisfy you.

    Moulin Rouge

    This movie is a delightful combination of jukebox musical and romantic drama by Baz Luhrmann. The vast majority of songs and compositions used in the film are well-known, popular music and mashups to it. Moulin Rouge is the story of a young English writer, Christian (Ewan McGregor), who falls in love with a courtezan and the Moulin Rouge cabaret star, Satine (Nicole Kidman).

    Rain Man

    The film covers two main themes: yuppie selfishness and true feelings. Tom Cruise’s character (a bullying younger brother) finds out that his passed on father bequeathed everything to Hoffman, his elder, cognitively impaired brother whom he has not seen for ages. The main character wants to use his elder brother to obtain the heritage, but while traveling together, he realizes how much he loves and has the good of Hoffman at heart.

    Rain Man is a perfect combination of a road-movie and a though-provoking story triggering deep emotions.

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    Triggering deep emotions, giving full satisfaction with actors’ performance, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is an amazing film combining an “obsession story” and a touching narrative of real friendship. It tells us about a young guy full of determination to reclaim his childhood home that goes for about $4 million in the market. How far would the man go to regain the object of his adoration?

    Fast Color

    This indie family drama depicts a near-future anti-utopia where water is in low supply. There are 3 generations of women who have the power to disintegrate and restructure matter. And this power is the only thing that may repair the broken bonds between main characters.

    Fast Color is an amazing super-powered film that is definitely worth your time.