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Vseprosport goes international

  • The largest Russian sports prediction site can now please the English audience. The launch of, the English version, will allow a large number of users to watch and study the forecasts of our leading analysts. The team consists of professionals who make accurate forecasts and study more than 1,500 matches every month.


    Predictions for the most popular sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey and big tennis appear every day and have different categories. You can check the forecasts for today and see how the analysts calculated the results, you can also check the forecasts for tomorrow. If you like the opinion of a large number of people, you will be pleased with the category forecasts according to the choice of users, which shows the choice of more than 75% of users on the site. There is also a category - bets with high accuracy, where you can find out the bets in which the analysts are most confident.

  has earned the trust of a huge number of people. We count more than one million unique users each month, because our analysts know their job well. In addition to them, we have ambassadors whose achievements speak for themselves. These include: Roman Pavlyuchenko, Alexander Mostovoy, Alexander Emelianenko, Nadezhda Petrova, Boris Mironov. These people have reached a high level in soccer, tennis, and mixed martial arts.


    At LionTips, you can stay up-to-date on sports news and make the right choice when you place your bets. Each region has a corresponding version of the site: for the USA, for the UK, and for Nigeria. This will allow all betting enthusiasts to always keep track of fresh predictions and succeed. It's a free way to start making money from what you love.


    LionTips was launched in April and will definitely be a nice place to visit for all English-speaking users who are not indifferent to the world of sports and want to make money from betting. It's easy to do. If this is your first time visiting the site, then when you register you will be able to find bookmakers who offer you certain bonuses as well as promotions that you will be able to take part in.


    Don't miss predictions for the most important matches and stay up-to-date with the latest news on the new English version of the website - LionTips.