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The Pros of Buying a Presale House for Your Pocket

  • Buying a pre-sale home can be the key to making a smart investment that helps you fulfill your dream of opening a new home.

    There are different stages in the sale cycle of a property, and the first is the pre-sale . This is defined because the property is still under construction , so the prices are lower than when the property is finished.

    It is estimated that a house for presale can be between 10% and 15% cheaper than when it is finished, depending on how advanced the work is when the investment is made

    The process of buying a home in the pre-sale stage is a little different than when you choose a finished property. The property is set aside with a minimum amount agreed between the buyer and the developer and a contract is signed where the buyer ensures that he will pay the equivalent of the down payment or the deferred premium in the months that the house is being built.

    From obtaining a bank mortgage to buy the house, you can apply to defer payments on a monthly basis, to cover the premium

    Buying a house in pre-sale has many advantages that can be reflected in your economy, below we will tell you some so that you can consider buying the house of your dreams as it best suits you.


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    Increase in capital gains

    If the area where your future home will be located is in full development, the capital gain of the property will grow when it is finished, this because it will be located near important avenues and services. The location of your new home is an important point to consider before making the investment .

    When you buy a home in pre-sale you pay the price that reflects the current equity of the property, and when you move into your new home, the equity will have already gone up, so the new price is higher than when you bought.


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    Lowest price

    In general , presale prices are between 10% and 15% lower than the final price of the house, so this can help you buy a house without throwing your finances out of balance; Well, you can also pay the down payment on the house in monthly installments or accommodate a payment scheme that suits you with more flexible payments for being in pre-sale.

    Time becomes your ally

    Buying a house on pre-sale allows you to make better use of time to your advantage. On the one hand, when you decide to make an investment while the house is being built, you can carefully plan your move, since you have an estimate of the delivery date, which can also help you have a move with more affordable prices, as it is planned well in advance.

    Time can also work in your favor if you decide to sell your old house, because you can make the move while your new home is being finished.


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    Be part of the construction process

    One of the biggest advantages that the pre-sale stage offers with some real estate companies is the ability to get involved in the process . There are rules and structures that must be followed in real estate developments, so you can verify if they are being met and be aware of the progress of the work at all times.

    Living the process of building your house allows you to calmly plan the decoration and to acquire all the furniture or that you would like to have without having to do it in a hurry.

    Thus, one of the most recommended times to buy a home is during its pre-sale stage; Now that you know some of its biggest advantages, the only thing missing is that you choose your project in development and enjoy buying your new home.



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