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Tips For Keeping Your Laminate Floor Beautiful

  • If you've decided on a laminate floor for your home, congratulations! Laminate is a top flooring material because it is durable and beautiful. Installation is literally a snap because the pieces fit right together. And maintenance is simple also as there is no buffing, waxing or refinishing required. However, like all floors there is some care involved in keeping your laminate floor like new. Read on to learn how you can take good care of your floor and make it last as long as possible.

    First of all, never let spills sit on the floor for very long. Clean them as soon as possible by removing the moisture with a cloth or paper towel, giving the area a quick wipe with a wet cloth and drying it with a dry cloth. If stains are very tough to remove like tar or cosmetics, a small amount of nail polish remover can take them off without damaging the laminate. It is important to rinse the treated area with a wet cloth then dry to prevent the acetone in the nail polish remover from penetrating the floor and causing damage.

    When it comes to everyday maintenance, you can use a broom or vacuum cleaner with bare floor attachment to clean your laminate floor. Most of the vacuum cleaners on the market do have an option for vacuuming bare floors in addition to carpet. There are also bare floor cleaners that get rid of dirt and mop your home floor, just make sure you are using a cleaning solution that is made for laminate flooring because the wrong cleansers can have a detrimental effect on the flooring finish and adhesion.

    Most laminate floors come pre-treated with a very tough clear finish that prevents damage from everyday foot traffic. They also come with various kinds of warranties as well. Because of the simple installation and maintenance many customers are going with a laminate floor instead of the traditional hardwood. If you choose a laminate floor from a top brand and install it correctly there should be little cosmetic difference between it and a comparable hardwood floor.