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Ways to write a good and proper academic essay

  • An essay is a type of text that has been known since the 1500s and was introduced by a French philosopher named Montaigne. He wrote a book that includes several anecdotes as well as his observations about essays. Today's way of writing essays is certainly very different from that of hundreds or even decades ago, especially academic essays.

    In this article, we will discuss how to write a good and proper academic essay.

    Understanding and how to write an essay

    An essay is a series of opinion pieces that are subjective or argumentative in nature. The personal views or opinions presented should be logical and well understood. The arguments presented in an essay are supported by facts in time4writing so that the essay does not turn into an author's work of fiction.

    Meanwhile, an academic essay is an argumentative essay, which is an essay that provides insight into an issue based on a literature review or research.

    The purpose of writing an essay
    The purpose of writing an essay is to convince readers and get the public to accept the author's opinion . The author's opinion of the incident should convince the reader. Therefore, the essay should be accompanied by data.

    Structure of the essay
    Essays usually have a simple structure. The structure of writing a good essay in Indonesian consists of three structures: introduction , content or discussion and conclusion or conclusion .


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