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How To Repair Windows 10 Without Losing Data [FIXED]

  • If your Windows 10 is encountering any issue like not loading the Windows, slow startup, Windows crashing, problematic updates, sluggish PC, blue screen BSOD, and many more. Such errors need Windows repair, so how to repair windows 10? This article explains it. 

    You can try out SFC Scannow Windows 10, Startup/Automatic Repair, PC Reset, and many other fixes. 

    Repair Your Windows 10 instantly without losing data using the tool below. 

    How to repair windows 10?

    You can repair Windows 10 by resetting it using the below steps;

    1. Open start button. 
    2. Hit on Settings and go to Update & Security.
    3. Click Recovery and navigate to Advanced startup.
    4. Click on the restart now tab.  
    5. It starts in WinRE mode.
    6. Alternatively, press the F11 key and turn on your computer.
    7. Click on Troubleshoot and click on the “Reset this PC” tab.
    8. Choose the Keep My Files option.
    9. Now, go to Next and reset it. After that, you can reinstall your windows 10 OS to see it as brand new.      

    How to repair windows 10 without losing data?

    The above method to repair Windows PC has the chance to lose the data. So if you have no backup of your system with the above method, then you won’t be able to recover the data anyhow. Though, methods are available without system backup users, we will discuss below. Let’s see how to repair windows 10 without losing data.

    Clean Your System Junk Before You Repair Windows 10 –

    Sometimes cleaning junk prevents the issue that motivates you to repair the Windows system. Hence, ensure your system has no additional files, junk, unused files, and unnecessary data. You can use a tool to clean all junk in one click using eSoftSafe PC Cleaner Pro.

    1. Install eSoftSafe PC Cleaner Pro.
    1. Go to the Home page.
    2. Click Fix Issues Now and wait for the scan.
    1. Click on Fix Now tab to clear all junk.   


    You can then click on Secure Delete or Manage startup and select “Windows Tools” in the left pane. Then, you can use different tools to control your Windows 10 system. It can repair your Windows 10.               

    1- Repair Windows 10 Using ISO Image File

    You can use this method to repair your Windows 10. The ISO file is an archive file generally with an identical image or copy of data on the optical disc like CD/DVD. 

    ISO Image file allows you to reinstall Windows 10. 

    1. Download the media creation tool. 
    2. Create Windows 10 ISO file.   
    3. When the newly-created ISO file is downloaded, right-click on it.
    4. Click Mount.
    5. In the root directory, navigate to the Setup.exe file and double-click. 
    6. If the download and install updates option appear, choose the right option.
    7. Select the option if your PC connects to the internet. Otherwise, click on “Not right now” > Next.
    8. Click “Change what to keep” in the shown popup window.
    9. Select between three options according to storage requirement- 
    • Keep personal files, apps, and Windows settings 
    • Keep personal files only
    • Nothing
    1. Install Windows 10 by clicking Next. It’ll reboot the system with saved settings. 

    When you reinstall the PC, its time to restore the apps. Open start > Settings. Open Accounts, enter your account, and verify. Get the code, verify and sign in to your MS account.   

    Restore previous apps;

    • Open the start menu and click All apps.
    • Open Store and click User photo.
    • Click “My Library” in the left pane. It will access all previously installed apps.  
    • Hit Download in the required app.     

    2- Repair Using System File Checker & CHKDSK

     When your Windows 10 PC requires repair, you can use System File Checker. Here’s how to repair windows 10 without losing data using the System File Checker tool.

    1. Use Windows media creation to restart your computer. 
    2. You can also start your Windows in Safe Mode.    
    3. Open the Windows Setup window and click Next.
    4. Click Repair your computer.
    5. Hit on select Troubleshoot, click Advanced options, and Cmd.
    6. Enter sfc /scannow. Hit on the Enter key.
    7. Type hkdsk /f /r /x C: and hit enter.
    1. If SFC does not work, try another one. Type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth.
    2. Verify and boot the PC into Windows 10.   

    3 – Repair Windows 10 using a System Restore

    You can also use System Restore to repair Windows 10. It may help you to repair the windows crash. Let’s see how to how to repair windows 10 without losing data using system restore:-

    1. Open the creation tool that you installed previously.
    2. Boot your computer using the Esc/F1/F2/F8 or F10 key.   
    3. Access the boot pane and move your USB drive to the boot list.
    4. Press F10 to save settings and close the BIOS.
    5. Enter the Setup page, and set the time, language, and keyboard.
    6. Go next and choose the “Repair your computer” option.
    7. Then, hit on Troubleshoot option on the next screen.
    8. Click on Advanced options.
    1. Now, click on the System Restore tab, then follow the on-screen instructions to repair your Windows 10.  

    We hope the above repair methods helped your Windows 10 to repair and start it. Take your system to a nearby window repair shop or service center if the issue is in internal hardware. 


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