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Dead Man System

  • Although the descendants of the blood clan are not orthodox blood clan, they already have some abilities of the blood clan, such as bat, blood explosion, and blood energy in the body, which are the unique abilities of vampires. Apparently, this guy named Lin Xiu was lucky to get the inheritance of the ancient blood clan after the end, and became a glorious descendant of the blood clan. Having talent means one's own extraordinary and potential. Lin Xiu has the blood clan talent, he only does not die too early, the future strength can certainly flourish, compared to that Qin Shun, his potential is higher than I do not know how many streets do not know. Chapter one hundred and fifteen silly Qin Shun is just an ordinary evolutionist, maybe he got a good ability in the early stage, has a good strength, and his ability is also very suitable for survival. But his potential is doomed that he will not have much success in his life. Weakening skills can only weaken 90% of the attack at most, and such abilities have a limit, beyond which they can not play any effect. Hard skills are powerful, but the attack is seriously inadequate, is a passive skill to be beaten, and the fire fist in the early stage seems to be really good, after all, can increase 50% of the attack,wire mesh decking, but before long, this is a garbage skill. Even if Qin Shun does not die, this life can only rely on the team to eat and wait for death, and his only skill, want to develop is also extremely difficult. But Lin Xiu is not the same, has the talent, perhaps will be able to become a powerful blood prince in the future, has the power to destroy the world. Looking carefully at Lin Xiu,industrial racking systems, who was still fighting with the green scale python in the distance, Chu Tianming could not help chuckling a few times. As soon as his eyes turned, Chu Tianming once again locked his eyes on the most eye-catching Taoist Liu of the three. The reason why he is said to be eye-catching is that his attack is so gorgeous. Look at the sword air flying all over the sky, look at the blue light lingering around him, at a glance, it looks like a fairy. Chu Tianming looked at Liu Daochang a little enviously at the countless sword gas shot out between his hands and feet, but his heart was envious. He is also a swordsman, with the weapon is three feet green front, see that all over the sky sword gas, the heart naturally envy, so far, Chu Tianming can not do so easily radiate sword gas, after all, each sword gas needs a lot of energy in the body, and this is exactly what Chu Tianming lacks most. There are only 65 years of internal force in his body, and the internal force can only be ranked below all kinds of energy, warehouse pallet racks ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and there are true yuan, immortal yuan, and even divine power above it. If you want to use the internal force to stimulate the sword gas, you need to consume more. With Chu Tianming's current internal force, if you launch the sword gas like Liu Daochang, it is estimated that you can't stand it in ten minutes. Thinking of this, Chu Tianming did not hesitate to use a detection technique on that Liu Daochang. Creature Name: Human (Evolver) Name: Liu Quan Rating: 23 Gender: Male Physical condition: slight fatigue Cell viability: 80 Cell strength: 80 Nerve response: 90 Mental strength: 200 Overall rating: Level 112 life form Possess skills: Sword Blade: It connects the metal force between heaven and earth, forming thousands of sword blades to attack the enemy. It is powerful and suitable for large-scale attacks. Gold body mask: It communicates the metallic force between heaven and earth, forming a circle of mask to protect itself. Stunned, extremely stunned, Chu Tianming never thought that the most powerful Liu Daochang had only two skills, and what made Chu Tianming speechless was that the attack that looked like a sword gas was not a sword gas, but a sword blade, and it was Liu Quan who used the Jin yuan force between heaven and earth through mental communication, which belonged to the ability under the mutation. Compared with the sword spirit, it is totally different from the clouds and mud. Feelings are my own wrong, depressed. Chu Tianming in the heart is not embarrassed, unexpectedly oneself a sword repair unexpectedly even the other side uses is not the sword gas all cannot see, is really too shameful. Fortunately, no one knows, otherwise Chu Tianming will lose face to Grandma's house! However, the attack power of these blades is also obvious to all, coupled with the appearance of the sword gas, it is no wonder that Chu Tianming would mistake it for the sword gas. After reading Liu Quan's information, Chu Tianming suddenly found that the strength of three people is not strong, but cooperate with each other, unexpectedly hit this powerful green scale python can only be beaten passively, this is too unreasonable. Continue to observe, Chu Tianming temporarily do not think about these questions in his heart, he is ready to reap the benefits at this time, let them fight to the death over there, the final benefit Chu Tianming will not give them. No matter who wins on both sides, Chu Tianming will appear at the most critical moment in the end, and then wipe out both sides. It seems that there is no need to look for other mutant creatures tonight, and when you kill this green scale python, you will definitely be able to upgrade! Chu Tianming does not believe 29, and has the dragon bloodline green scale python to die in his hand will not hide the task to complete, once completed the hidden task, then rise to level 7 is almost certain. In ten minutes. Chu Tianming is still hidden in the shadow to observe the battle in the distance, at this time the battle is still as before, Liu Quan three people around the green scale python, from time to time to bring him some damage, and the attack of the green scale python is still blocked by Qin Shun. But after looking at it for so long, Chu Tianming also saw some clues. Obviously, the strength of this green scale python is beyond reproach, if this body strength gets Chu Tianming, then Chu Tianming is almost certain that he can solve the three people in front of him without three strokes. But the strength of this body falls on the body of the green scale python at this time, it seems neither fish nor fowl. If the last magic mountain bull had the wisdom of a child, then the green-scaled python in front of him was not even as good as a baby,push back racking system, and even Chu Tianming felt that he had no intelligence at all, no difference at all from the ordinary snakes on the roadside, or even worse.