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Sweeping the world

  • With a relatively complex state of mind, Qiu Linci Fu is not want to know whether Liu Yan is the Huns, then take what attitude to treat. In fact, he already has an attitude, Liu Yanqiang is appropriate to secretly support the auxiliary, Liu Yanwei directly destroyed no two words. Three people have been chatting, is in the scene full of animals mating chat, followed by their own dancers, or let the arrangement of actresses, what to "do", what to "do". Almost that night, when Yao Yimai was going to sleep, he specially asked about the movement of the Han Department. He got that the Han Department had already set up camp in the evening. He repeatedly asked about the situation of the camp and how much smoke there was. When he understood, he let people step down and sleep at ease. Some other people, such as Luo Juwu and Qiu Lincifuwu also did the corresponding things, but some miscellaneous Hu how to be happy or how to be happy, even his men did not control, so that the whole city is not someone will make a strange whistle. Jiejin city suddenly poured into more than thirteen thousand people, from the original empty to crowded, if you don't look at the ruins everywhere, just look at the people wandering everywhere, that pile of this pile of bonfires, will think it is a bustling city. There are two kinds of people living in such a city,bottle blowing machine, one is the barbarians, and the other is the slave soldiers. Ordinary Jin people? He was either driven away or became a vegetable. From a few miles away, you can still see the clouds over the city of Jiejin, which are whitened by the light of the fire. You can imagine what kind of situation it would be. Chapter 59 for the ideal! There are people around all the time to spy, to say that the Han department can also divide forces for sneak attack, that can only say Liu Yan or Ji Chang, or who, intelligence and action to the point of the day. No way,water filling machine, the Han department originally with lightning speed hit Jin city a surprise, obviously is the plan did not start, into the point of stillbirth. We can only fight. Ji Chang's mental head was originally a little better, but before long it became a pale face, and the originally dark temples also had a trace of white spots, which was excessive use of the brain. He said: "Since you said there would be reinforcements coming, an open and aboveboard World War I would have a more deterrent effect." It is also true that sneak attacks can be brilliant or good results, but it is hard to avoid speculation, it is difficult to give people a "I am very strong" inside information. After all, why attack if it's really strong? An open and aboveboard battle? It can't be a siege battle, it can only be a field battle in the right terrain. Liu Yan did not think that the barbarians would cooperate like this, the city may be broken, but after all, the city is the city, and then broken will have a defensive effect. Sire, they will leave the city and fight us. Ji Chang finished his murmur: "If they don't come out, liquid bottle filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, we will create reasons why they have to come out..." It turns out that Liu Yan some think more, they continue to March to the city of the next day, at noon there are scouts to report, said the enemy has been out of the city of the city, is in the direction of them. The barbarians will not attack the city, nor will they defend it. Ji Chang seemed to be in a better mood without having to think too much: "They are three times more than we are, and there are hostile troops cruising around us, but they are still here." Liu Yan does not feel that there is anything to be happy about, he is looking at the map in his mind, looking for the right battlefield. This side of Changguang County is a mountainous terrain, but the so-called mountain elevation is not high, some can only be described as "package", in fact, it is just a slope in a flat terrain. A suitable place for the battlefield was soon found. It was a wilderness where forty or fifty thousand people could be placed. Although there were some mountains, it was already a relatively wide area of flat terrain. The most rare thing was that there was a river there. First arrived at the scheduled battlefield, auxiliary soldiers and civilian workers responsible for cutting wood to set up camp, and then sent scouts to explore the surrounding, Liu Yan is personally command system farmers to build a large number of barracks, shooting range, saddle, blacksmith shop, and even the market is also made out. The market produced by the system is also a relatively unnatural existence, in which timber, food, pig iron and gold can be traded, and the proportion changes with the amount sold. After Liu Yan discovered this "artifact", he did not use it because he thought that "good steel needs to be used on the edge of the knife". How can he cry when he is in urgent need because the proportion of frequent use has been adjusted to an unacceptable level? "Sir, the enemy is less than five miles away from us." Xu is a military uniform, wearing the system produced Zha armor, in order to reflect the identity of the matching army generals, specially with a cloak, looking at it is heroic. He was clasping his fists and saluting: "The last general asked to lead his troops to look for fighters." Liu Yan nodded with a smile: "Lead your headquarters, and I will allocate two hundred tribal armed forces under your command." Xu Zheng exultation, he was still waiting to open his mouth to some elite, has not opened his mouth Liu Yan first assigned. Lv Tai came from behind, not to fight, but to request to take the headquarters to check the surrounding, at the same time is to drive away a few small tribes too close. Liu Yan also agreed to Lu Tai's request. Xu Zheng is good at attacking, so he can be used as a pioneer; Lu Tai is tough and meticulous, so he is suitable for conservation. Ji Chang was very interesting. He smiled so hard that his eyes narrowed. "Do you think Xu Zheng will be successful in this battle?" Liu Yan shook his head, but did not want to take over. Now the system soldier intelligence quotient is worrying, if there is no Liu Yan command, believe it or not directly hit the mountain, or to the coast will not stop, directly one after another jump into the sea? When Ji Chang saw that Liu Yan did not answer, he thought he was worried about the war and said something to analyze the situation. Nope Liu Yan is quite firm: "We will win this battle!" Ji Chang was stunned at first, then laughed easily. Hu people fight, not the absolute elite as the vanguard, is to take some slave soldiers, Xu Zheng is very cautious to send good ride scouts,water bottle packaging machine, soon got the right information. Yao Yimai sent out two thousand vanguards to open the way, and the small tribe of Zahu accounted for five or six hundred, and the rest were all slave soldiers composed of Jin people.