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Little Lucky Star of the 1970's Koi Fish [Entry]

  • "Cheat you to cheat you to pull, the crew does not have the prescribed time to go to work, today's share of the film can be off work." Xiao Meng pretended to be relaxed, while Chen Meng's eyes noticed Meng Nian not far away, and a woman suspected to be Meng Nian's family. All the children at the scene were concerned, but he was the only one who always found a place to stay after the end of the scene, as if he never had to worry about it, and he was used to this mode of life. Chapter 139 The woman with Meng Nian is not like Meng Nian's mother. For example, Xiao Min and Chen Xiaojun will always pay attention to her. After a row, they will come to ask her whether she is cold or not, because although she is wearing a boy's cotton-padded jacket, she is shooting in the weather of minus 10 degrees. As soon as she leaves the camera, Xiao Min will wrap her tightly in a cotton-padded jacket. The crew all joked that Chen Meng was really the flesh on the tip of her mother's heart. Chen Meng smiled sweetly: "Of course my mother is good to me. Is that my mother?" She cast her eyes on Meng Nian not far away, and the woman who followed Meng Nian was reading a story while warming herself by the fire, wrapped in a thick overcoat, because she was so fascinated by the book that she didn't notice it when Meng Nian finished shooting, and she was still looking at the book with relish. Meng Nian himself silently found his military coat, and then went to find a boiled water bottle to pour hot water to drink to keep warm. His body is really too cold, cold hands and feet is really unable to test the temperature of boiled water, this is just poured too hot water to Chen Meng's Oolong. Chen Meng looked at the little boy whose face was covered with fog, and suddenly felt that he was a little pitiful. Meng Nian drank boiled water all morning to warm himself. As soon as he left the camera, he went to look for boiled water again. As a result, he was stopped by Chen Meng: "Are you too cold? You can't drink hot water like this even if it's too cold. I asked my mother to fill two hot water bags. You can cover one with it." He added,PET blowing machine, "My aunt said she couldn't drink boiled water directly. Too hot water is easy to scald out oral cancer and esophageal cancer. Don't always drink boiled water." She was almost scalded to death just now, and this man actually drank one cup at a time. He really thought he had a long life. Meng Nian's hand was stuffed with a warm hot water bag, which still had the fragrant smell of Yu Meijing. Her mother seemed to be very concerned about her, and she rubbed incense on her hands as soon as she got off the camera, so all the hand warmers she took had the smell of incense on her hands. Xiao Min greeted him gracefully: "Meng Nian, I will fill two hot water bags later. Don't drink too much water, which is not good for the kidney." This is the young actor who plays the most with his daughter. According to the crew, this young actor has a lot of experience in acting. Xiao Min wants to finish the play in a friendly way, so he is better to Meng Nian. Besides, Meng Nian is about the same age as the dog egg, for such a big child, the elders always have a tolerant heart, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,liquid bottle filling machine, even if he just started to Chen Meng's attitude is not very good, she will not care about such a big child. Besides, the aunt likes such a beautiful boy. Meng Nian lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes cast a shadow on his face, and the feeling of being cared for was actually quite good. At this time, Chen Xiaojun, who had not seen anyone for a long time, came over with a jar of things: "Teacher Jiang, I went to a nearby restaurant and asked someone to cook some brown sugar ginger tea for everyone to drink. The weather was too cold. Everyone warmed up after drinking." Originally, I went to find a place nearby to cook some brown sugar ginger tea for my girl because she was too cold. When I arrived, I simply wanted to cook a person's tea, which was also expensive, so I simply cooked more for everyone to drink. Jiang Menghan this workaholic of course can not take into account these details, see someone to send ginger tea, smell the spicy warm taste, even she wanted to drink, so clap your hands and ask everyone to drink ginger tea before work. This brown sugar ginger tea was often boiled in the factory in the past. In the south, it is wet and cold in winter. It is very similar to the snowy weather now. Because of the humidity, the bones are cold inside. In addition, the cold wind outside blows on the face like a knife. So Chen Xiaojun asked Chen Xiaofeng to prepare a recipe for ginger tea. It is best to warm up and dispel the cold in this weather. There is ready-made brown sugar ginger tea, Jiang Menghan is also happy to do a favor, Chen Xiaojun brought a lot of weight, everyone can drink. Here, drink this to drive away the cold, or you will catch a cold easily in this weather. Chen Meng also brought a cup to Meng Nian. Inside the cup is something black, the smell is very stimulating, a little spicy, but there is a very special taste that people can not help but want to drink, ginger and brown sugar are specially brought from home by Chen Xiaojun, brown sugar is sent by Wang Man on the train, Chen Meng was too heavy at that time, now it finally comes in handy. Meng Nian lowered his head and took a sip. The temperature of the water was very hot, but it was not hot enough. He carried it here from the cooked place. On the way, he lost some heat. It was just right here. His mouth was filled with sweet taste. It was brown sugar. Thank you At first, I was not used to the taste of ginger and felt spicy. After drinking it in my stomach, I felt a stream of hot air coming up from the Dantian. There was warmth in my stomach and I felt warm on my body. Only then did Meng Nian feel that his body was really warm. Just now, he thought that pouring hot water into his stomach would relieve the cold in his stomach, but after pouring too much,juice filling machine, he felt a little sore and stimulated in his throat, and his stomach could not warm up all the time. After drinking this cup of brown sugar ginger water into the stomach, it really warms up. Chen Meng also took a big sip with a cup of water in her arms. Her tone was full of pride: "My mother often cooks this brown sugar ginger tea for others to drink. People who have drunk it all say that they can wear less clothes when they go out. I asked my mother to leave a little. You can drink it later. Don't drink boiled water. It's not good for your mouth and throat to eat or drink boiled water and very hot things." 。