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  • So even Zhao Qian's mother and mother-in-law knew that Zhao Lianer had actually ordered a baby to marry when she was young, but in the middle of more than ten years, they met with natural disasters and broke the news. But Zhao Lianer also grew up to the age of fourteen or fifteen to be married, and Zhao Lianer's mother began to inquire about the news of the family. If there is, it must be the best. But if not, she'd better hurry to find a new family for her daughter. Women's time is the most precious, but can not afford to delay. Do you want to get married for the sake of a husband's family who doesn't know life and death until his daughter becomes a girl at the age of seventeen or eighteen? When Zhao Qian learned to speak here, he suddenly remembered that Su Nan Xing, who was sitting beside him, had said that he wanted to marry at the age of eighteen. He quickly shut up and looked at her again. Su Nan Xing smiled at her again. Now is not like the past, at that time, it was a common phenomenon to get married at the age of 14 or 15, but in the past ten or twenty years, as more and more girls graduated from junior and senior high schools, they were able to go to work in department stores, companies and compradors, and all the money they earned every month was handed in except for a little bit of their own money, which was more than the whole family earned in a month. The age at which girls in the city talk about marriage is slowly delayed by a few years. Of course, this is also thanks to the establishment and publicity of women's schools. As for the rich and powerful families who advocate new learning and catch up with modern times,brushless gear motor, as well as the new women, there are even those who get married at the age of 24. In the past, it would have been an incredible thing. Outside the city, or living in the city, but with more land in the countryside, some old-style squires and rich peasants still continue the tradition of letting their daughters talk about marriage at the age of 14 or 15. Although the reason why girls in the city can marry late is that they can support their families. In the era of Su Nan Xing, this girl can be said to be a family lying on the body to suck blood. But at this time,Small Geared Motors, it is the only chance for them to get more free time for themselves. In contrast, Su Nanxing is once again extremely glad that he was born in the present Su family. She got the happiness that most of her contemporaries did not have. This is the most valuable thing. Let's get down to business and continue to listen to Zhao Qian. At that time, it was quite a good thing to find a baby in the city to kiss. Originally, the mother and mother-in-law, who were also fourteen or fifteen years old at that time, thought that Zhao Lian-er's affairs were settled, but it was not long before they heard that Zhao Lian-er was going to marry the old Qian family. At that time, I still felt strange, because when I heard Aunt Lian shouting everywhere before, the baby kiss was clearly surnamed Su. Why is it ordered to Lao Qian's family in a twinkling of an eye? I didn't know until later. When Zhao Qian said this, he paused again and looked at Su Nan Xing again with embarrassment before he went on to say. Later, Aunt Lian's mother herself once spilled the beans, and it wasn't what she had said before that she hadn't found it. In fact, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Planetary Gear Motor, they found each other's family was poor, so they didn't recognize each other. They turned around and went back. As soon as they returned to the village, they made other marriages for Zhao Lianer. Bah! What baby kiss? Isn't it just a joke when you were young? Can you take that seriously? It's so funny. What? Did you exchange things? Haven't you and your little sister ever given each other sachet, head, rope, and so on? Hum! What kind of token is such a little thing? A houseful of poor people, if my daughter marries.. "That's probably all I said, but I heard it when my mother and my mother-in-law were chatting, and now I've learned it for you again." Zhao Qian Shi said here and paused, very embarrassed to look at Su Nan Xing and said, "You don't mind ah, my mother, and my mother-in-law, always our family know that the owner is a good person." After a pause, Zhao Lianer opened her mouth again, "and." It was only after I worked here for a long time that I learned about my employer. Later, when I went back, I still sighed with emotion with my mother and mother-in-law. Maybe this is fate. Round and round, Aunt Lian still went to your house, but. It's a defection. Zhao Qian Shi swallowed back what he had wanted to say and changed the word tactfully. But in her heart, like her mother and mother-in-law, she felt that Zhao Lianer deserved it. At that time, he disliked the poverty of others and did not appear to pretend that he did not know that he had lived a good life for several years. When the old money's family died, they really had no place to go, and they wanted to go to others. Who didn't have one or two relatives who couldn't survive in those years? The rest of the families took them in, except for those whose families were really in trouble and did not have enough to eat. But other people's poor relatives will not only help the family to do things, but also take the initiative to find work outside, try not to cause trouble to others. This Zhao Lianer and her daughter can be good, do not worry about food and clothing, so many years have not seen the old Su family treat them badly, but it is such a good family that can not find the lantern, but still can not raise Zhao Lianer mother and daughter this pair of mangy dogs. I don't know what good things I did in my previous life. A good thing? Su Nan Xing only felt that she must have been owed a lot of money by the Su family in her previous life, and now she came to collect the debt. After chatting with Zhao Qian, Su Nan Xing hurriedly finished the things in his hands in one breath. After that, he said hello to Zhao Qian and went back out of the ready-made clothes shop. When he passed the fruit shop, he looked around specially, but did not see Wang Shiyao's figure. It was another clerk in their shop who saw Su Nan Xing and ran out with a big smile and said a few words to her. Only then did Su Nan Xing know that Wang Shiyao had been learning things from Li, the shopkeeper of her pawnshop. I heard that he found a very powerful new partner. Su Nan Xing listened to also feel happy for Wang Shiyao, although some regret did not see a person, but also do not feel lost, then and the waiter thanked and continued to go home. But did not know that his delicate and gentle appearance let the fellow stand in the same place, staring for a long time, until Su Nan Xing turned the corner and disappeared,Gear Reduction Motor, this just reluctantly returned to the preserved fruit shop. The fiancee of the young owner is really good-looking. If his wife has half of her in the future, he will be very happy. The man thought in his heart, imagining that he was happy and laughed out loud.