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Infinite horror

  • Under the command and control of the army, Zheng Zha is far inferior to Chu Xuan. In fact, Zheng Zha will be very inexperienced in the battle arrangement of more than 30 people. After all, he is only good at the individual assignment of the team. So when the guerrilla unit was established, Chu Xuan naturally became the leader of the unit. Even Zheng Zha was under his command. When the cavalry caught up with the Uruk-hai, it was just at the beginning of dusk, and the color of the sun in the sky gradually darkened, but the non-interference around it was still clear. When the hundred-man horseman force first appeared, the Uruk-hai forces were visibly scattered. But as soon as they looked at the number of troops, they immediately looked careless, except for the three hundred Uruk-hai in the front of the three meters long dragon lance, the two wings of the troops also began to bend out to outflank the cavalry troops. Who knows that the cavalry troops did not shout as loudly as before on the assault, but instead of the wings of the troops to shoot, after three rounds of shooting, even if there are shields and armor to protect the Uruk-Hai people, were shot down hundreds of soldiers, immediately the Uruk-Hai people were angry, they howled loudly to the knight troops launched a charge, Five or six hundred Uruk-hai soldiers charged together, and they could have trampled the army to death. Who knows that the cavalry troops immediately stopped shooting, but ran out,x52 line pipe, when they ran fifty paces away, they stopped shooting a round of arrows, and then ran forward ten, another round of arrows.. So back and forth, when hundreds of Uruk-hai turned into corpses, all the Uruk-hai felt something was wrong, so the archers in them also began to fight back, immediately there were several cavalry who could not dodge were shot to the ground,x60 line pipe, but Chu Xuan took Zhang Heng and the purpose of the elf prince is also because of this, the range of their bows and arrows is far more than that of the Uruk-hai. And their accuracy is not comparable to these Uruk-hai, immediately as long as anyone dares to shoot an arrow will be sniped immediately, all the Uruk-hai who dare to rush forward will be shot by the knight at a distance, when they try to escape, they will not run away from the horse, when they scatter and escape, it will be more conducive to the knight's shooting.. At 2 am, the last Uruk of the Uruk-hai army was shot to the ground, while only four of the entire army were killed. "Go on stage, run at normal speed, eat for 20 minutes, take a six-hour nap on horseback, and then continue to attack!" [Episode 6: The War of the Ring III Chapter 7: Team Movements and Luo Yinglong's Farce (1)] For three days and three nights, the reputation of the guerilla cavalry spread far and wide across the land of Rohan, 316ti stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, and any Uruk-hai troop that came across it was wiped out. When thousands of Uruk-hai disappeared into the wilderness of Rohan, the guerilla troops were called the hooves of ghosts by the Uruk army, because they came and went without a trace, which was even more mysterious than the ghosts. Guerrilla knights have only more than 40 cavalry, but the more than 40 cavalry is not the most elite and brave Rohan knights, originally in the selection of them is to choose the strongest, and because the world plot characters were "Lord God" stronger, so the more than forty cavalry will use fighting spirit, its physical quality is also stronger than ordinary people in the real world. So in the three days and three nights of desperate fighting, the more than forty cavalry actually have seven or eight people have opened the gene lock the first order, and more than ten of them are using a burst arrow, teach them to use this skill Zhang Heng immediately repeatedly shouted unfair, but it does make the team's fighting capacity greatly increased. After the initial skilled combat, the number of the team although keep falling, but the fighting capacity is straight up, so far, the team has at least annihilated four or five thousand orcs, and under the leadership of the cavalry, every time after killing the orcs, the cavalry will cut off their ears, and Zheng Zha see so, He even took out a lot of cloth bags for them to put ears in, and then let them help them put them on both sides of their horses. Three days and three nights of non-stop guerrilla fighting, everyone's physical strength almost reached the limit, and under the constant scanning of Zhan Lan, it was found that the Uruk-hai had no longer divided their forces to plunder the village, and even repelled and harassed the troops were not sent out again, it seems that the Uruk-hai has really been afraid of the guerrilla forces, all the Uruk assembled more than fifteen thousand troops. They just kept going in the direction of Helm's Deep. Such troops can no longer send dozens of riding to attack, and with the appearance of the main force, there are also uruks who can use explosive arrows, so Lin turned to make a prompt decision to let the guerrilla forces withdraw to Helm's Deep, but along the way the plot characters seem to be very unwilling, they saw the power of riding and shooting, confidence is unprecedented. It seems that as long as there are bows and horses, they will never fail. Even the three Aragorns were stunned by the power of this tactic. Leras murmured, "We elves are the best at bows and arrows. Although our riding skills are a little worse, our bow and arrow skills are unparalleled in the world. If we elves also use this tactic, I'm afraid more troops will be crushed by us in the dark gates of Mordor." Aragorn also nodded repeatedly, he also said with a sigh: "Although just is not the country of cavalry, but just choose a large population, in tens of thousands of troops to choose thousands of elite archers or can do.." Zheng Zha replied at random, but he was thinking about his own mind. In his opinion, the more than forty knights were already very powerful, or not very helpful in the war, but in the team battle. The more than forty cavalry is an important force enough to change the outcome, especially the existence of explosive arrows, even if there is no legendary magic weapons,321 stainless steel sheet, even if there is no close combat force or the ability to continue fighting on the website of Feiku, the first round of ten explosive arrows is enough to kill most of the reincarnation team members, even if Zheng Zha himself does not use the "destruction" state. Ten arrows in the first round will definitely kill him.