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Phoenix Terrace _ Huai Su

  • The eunuch who delivered the decree was an acquaintance, Wang Zhong's little disciple Lin Yiguan. He had been in the palace all the time, and everyone had fled, but he had not fled. As soon as Qin Zhao entered the palace, he would wait on him. Seeing Wei Shan, with tears on his face, he held high the imperial edict and walked to the front steps. As soon as he saw Wei Shan, he saluted first and said in a trembling voice, "Your Majesty's will, please stand and receive the decree. From now on, you don't have to kneel down to listen to the announcement." When Wei Shan saw that Lin had always been about to ask a question, he did not expect that Qin Zhao would have such a will. He had never confided it. He stood in place and was stunned. Heaven and earth were close to each other. The second elder brother actually picked out the word "Jun" so that she would not have to kneel down from now on. Wei Shan stood on the high platform of the Ganlu Hall. He looked up at the Zichen Hall. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly. He said to Lin Yiwen, "Declare the decree." This is the eternal long grace, since the monarch and minister, it has never happened, Lin always bowed his head to announce the decree, yuan Hanzhi knew Qin Zhao's mind, the matter of Wei Shan's expedition with the army was doubled, written into the imperial edict of the empress, which has been handed down for generations. When Lin Yiguan finished announcing the imperial edict, Wei Shan took it with his own hands. Seeing the small seal she knew all too well below the edict, he stroked it with his fingertips and chuckled. He looked up and asked Lin Yiguan,x60 line pipe, "How are you, Grandfather Lin?" Lin Yiguan had indeed suffered some bullying. When he first saw the old master, he was not excited. Just then he announced the imperial edict that he could not kneel down. As soon as Wei Shan took over, he immediately bowed down and kowtowed to her. With tears streaming down his face, he covered his face with his sleeve: "The slave wanted to escape from the palace and follow Your Majesty, but he had no choice but to stay in the city and wait for Your Majesty to come back." Lin Yiguan first petitioned, then cried for the Empress Dowager, and then cried for Wang Zhong. Wei Shan comforted him by saying, "It's up to you to do everything after the death of the Great Supervisor. Now it's time to give the Great Supervisor a proper burial." Qin Zhao ascended the throne in Fengzhou and launched a punitive expedition against Wei Kuan in the name of Emperor Daye. Some of his subordinates wrote articles to scold Wei as a thief,uns c70600, and some of Wei Kuan's subordinates naturally came up with ideas to pour dirty water on him. Holding the ready-made handle in his hand, Qin Zhao was scolded to death, or Qin Yu's original set of words, saying that Qin Zhao was the adopted son of a eunuch, his position was humble, and he also wanted to proclaim himself emperor. I don't know how many poems and articles have been written on both sides, just scolding and fighting, killing enemies with swords in battle, killing people with pens in battle, one nail at a time, wishing they could stab people to death. Lin always naturally also heard these, only when Qin Zhao into the capital, will not necessarily bury Wang Zhong, those scholars, tongue so poisonous, 347 stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, always want to avoid, hear Wei Shan said so, eyes more than tears, but also kneel down to Wei Shan kowtow, kowtow on the forehead a red. Wei Shan helped him up and said, "Second Brother, there is no one around to wait on him. You go first. If you are thirsty and hungry, at least someone will take care of you. Tell him not to worry about me. I can take care of myself." Lin always took his sleeve to wipe his tears, and then returned to the front hall. Wei Shan still picked up his pen to write a letter. Since Lin was always there, news of the front hall came to the Ganlu Hall from time to time. Qin Zhao was first given the title of queen, followed by the promotion of officials. Among them, yuan Hanzhi and Zhang Zongyi were all promoted. Lin Wenjing was the prime minister, and Wei Ping was given the title of King of Pingnan. When the news reached the Ganlu Palace, Chen Xiang was happier than Wei Shan. This was something that Wei Shan had known for a long time. When the Jin army captured the Changqing Palace and they were in the Feishuang Palace, Qin Zhao held her hand and told her, "I want to make Zihou the King of Pingnan." Weiping had been guarding the Qingjiang River for many years. During the war, he went down to the two cities of the King of Jiangning and destroyed the naval ships that the King of Jiangning had built over the years. Naturally, it was a great achievement. When Wei Shan heard this, he did not immediately smile. He looked at Qin Zhao like water and asked softly, "Second elder brother, do you really want to make the Wei family a king with a different surname?" Chapter 370 is the latter. Wei Shan's hand was held by him in the palm of his hand, Qin Zhao listened to her words with hesitation, raised her hand, stretched the whole palm against his right chest, pressed hard, let her feel the strong vibration in the chest. Wei Shan raised his eyes to look at him. When he smiled, he already had fine lines in the corners of his eyes. Looking at her, his eyes were still the same as when he was a teenager. Wei Shan pulled back his hand and opened his arms to encircle Qin Zhao. He leaned his whole body against him and whispered, "I don't suspect my second elder brother. It's just that the title of king is not in front of me overnight, nor in five or ten years.". ” But after a hundred years, the children born in the three generations of the Wei family were different. If he wanted to keep the honor of the Wei family, he didn't have to use this method. Emperor Zhengyuan only gave a half-true and half-false honor to the King of Wei. Qin Zhao gave a hundred generations of honor. From prosperity to death, the honor of the family of Wei would be tied to the honor of a great cause. Qin Zhao stretched out his hand to cut the broken hair on her temples and said, "Zi Hou has made great contributions to the great cause. Even if I am selfish and partial to him, it is reasonable for me to be partial to him." As he spoke, he stroked the fine hair on her temples, and the smile lines around her eyes deepened: "I will be with Shaner after a hundred years. What are Shaner worried about?" Wei Shan stretched out his hand to smooth the fine lines around his eyes, and the whole person was trapped in Qin Zhao's arms. She naturally knew that Qin Zhao's vision was further than when he left the capital. What he thought was different from what he thought. When he left, he was still thinking about saving himself. It was a pleasure to be able to go back to Jin with her. If Emperor Zhengyuan was really willing to let them go or treat them well and let them live in peace in Jin, Qin Zhao would not be tempered by the heat and sand of the desert. The two of them lit the lamp and talked at night, but no one was waiting by their side. When Chen Xiang hurried in to report, Wei Shan didn't even tremble at the tip of his pen. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly: "I know. Go ahead." Chen Xiang and Xiao Shunzi stood where they were and looked at each other. The empress should be happy about such a big happy event. Wei Shan didn't hear the footsteps. He looked up at them and said with a smile, "It's really a happy event. We'll celebrate it later. Let's see what's missing in the hall first. Some of the things in the storehouse will be moved to fill it first. Cook a Lily mung bean in the small kitchen and send it to the front to relieve their summer heat." Chen Xiang immediately smiled. It turned out that the princess was calm, and the master was calm. She and Xiao Shunzi Qingshuang could not be so blind. They rewarded the little eunuch who had come to report the news. With a straight face, they gave him a red seal: "The empress knows. If you bring another message, you can say thank you, Grandfather Lin." Then he ordered the soup and soon boiled the mung bean soup. There was still ice in the cellar in the palace. Last year, it was hidden in the cellar. This year, it was not enough to take it. It was chiseled down and transferred to the soup and sent to the Zichen Palace. In the afternoon, when the sun was at its fiercest,uns s32750 sheet, an ice basin was set up in the Zichen Palace, and seven or eight imperial scholars made imperial records. The decrees were sent out one by one, and there was no moment of rest from morning to noon. Drinking a mouthful of ice soup was just enough to wake up.