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Shangguan Dingyang Pass

  • As soon as he turned his eyes, he looked at the three pitiful women following him and said, "They are innocent women who were captured by the strongmen. Can the Master send someone to take them home?" "This is what a young monk should do," said Monk Tianxin. Ding Qiwu nodded and said, "Well, let's say goodbye." Without waiting for the words to fall, the crane rose and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Xiaoxiangzi Scanning, Hanxingzi OCR, exclusive serialization of Xiaoxiang Academy Chapter 11 Laoshan Shenjun He Sanjue Laojun Peak is not a precipitous peak, but it stands like a hillock among the peaks of Laoshan Mountain. Ding Qiwu lingered in front of the peak for a while, but no one was seen. He gritted his teeth with hatred and looked at the peak, but saw the pine and cypress all over the mountain. Suddenly, when he was restless, he heard the sound of the piano shaking. Ding Qiwu's body flew to the top of the peak following the sound. The peak was not high, and after a few ups and downs, it reached the top of the peak, only to see a middle-aged Taoist sitting under a pine tree. The Taoist put a Yao Qin on his knee and was playing it, as if he didn't know that someone had jumped in front of him. "Taoist, please!" Cried Ding Qiwu coldly. The Taoist just smiled. Holding his right hand, he clapped his head and said, "Almsgiver, is this Ding Qiwu?" Ding Qiwu said coldly, "Now that you know, why should you ask more questions?" The Taoist smiled again and said, "My teacher, the God of Laoshan,inflatable air dancer, is waiting for the chivalrous driver." "No need to say more," said Ding Qiwu hurriedly. "Hurry up and lead the way." The Taoist smiled indifferently and slowly put the harp in his pocket and tied it on his shoulder. Then he waved his hand to Ding Qiwu and walked to the peak first. Ding Qiwu frowned deeply and followed closely. Ding Qiwu secretly noticed that the Taoist was mediocre and seemed to have nothing special, but judging from his age, his master should be at least an old man over sixty years old. Laojun Peak is not too high, but the pine and cypress, dense and gloomy, people can not help but be alert at any time, about half a mile away, the Taoist has stopped in front of a cottage behind the peak. Ding Qiwu originally thought that the Taoist and his master must have lived in a Taoist temple,Inflatable bouncer, but when he saw the Taoist stretching out his hand to silence the guests, he was stunned. "Shaoxia Ding, please! My teacher has been waiting for me for a long time!" Said the Taoist. Ding Qiwu turned his eyes around and said, "I must ask you first. Are my two companions also here?" The Taoist smiled and said, "Of course they are here. Shaoxia Ding will see them right away. They must be chatting with Master.." Ding Qiwu said no more, nodded, and stepped in. The cottage is not big, but it is very neat, bamboo fence yard, full of mountain flowers, three main rooms in the lights, there is a warm and quiet feeling. The Taoist waited for Ding Qiwu to step into the courtyard, hurriedly quickened his pace and rushed to push the door before Ding Qiwu. At the same time, he said respectfully to the middle of the room, "Tell me, Master, Shaoxia Ding, please come!" Without waiting to be greeted, Inflatable dry slide ,large inflatable water slide, Ding Qiwu strode into the room and entered the room. He was stunned and frowned at the same time. There was a table of food and wine in the middle of the room, and a very weak man, about forty years old, was sitting upright, with four gorgeously dressed girls sitting on either side, and a few empty seats. To Ding Qiwu's slight surprise, Hu Cripple and Erlenzi were indeed present. Cripple Hu and Erlenzi sat to one side. Both of them were livid. When they saw Ding Qiwu enter the room, they stood up together and shouted excitedly, "Sir.." Obviously, both of them were a little surprised. Ding Qiwu turned his eyes and gave a cold glance to the thin man sitting in front of him. "Fortunately, both of you are still alive," he said. Cripple Hu and Erlenzi were inconvenient to interface, but with an embarrassed wry smile, they left their seats and stood beside Ding Qiwu. The thin man stood up, folded his fists, and said, "Shaoxia Ding, that's too serious. You are also my guest of honor. You should treat him well.." After a slight pause, he added, "It's a pity that the two of them refused to sit down and drink together, so I had to let them sit aside." Ding Qiwu turned to Erlenzi and Cripple Hu and said, "How did you two get here?" "He lied to us that I was here.." said Erlenzi. "How can you believe it?" Asked Ding Qiwu. "Of course we don't believe it," said Erlenzi, "but.." He did not say any more, but blushed, lowered his head, and said no more. Ding Qiwu understood what he meant, that is to say, the two of them did not agree, but were invited by the other side in a tough way. "Sit down, Shaoxia Ding, Jianghu friend," said the thin man, stretching out his hand. "Why are you so restrained?" The four gorgeously dressed young girls also looked at Ding Qiwu together and kept giggling. The Taoist who led the way also said to Ding Qiwu, "My teacher is always free and easy. He doesn't stick to common customs. Don't be too polite, Shaoxia Ding." Ding Qiwu smiled coldly and said, "Is he your master?" The Taoist said hurriedly, "It's my teacher. Didn't I introduce him just now?" "That's a very new thing," said Ding Qiwu with a smile. Sure enough, he sat down and waved to Erlenzi and Cripple Hu at the same time, saying, "Since the host is so hospitable, but we are so disrespectful, we'd better just bother him." Er Leng Zi first looked at Hu Cripple, Hu Cripple hurriedly answered in a low voice and sat down on his buttocks. Er Lenzi did not neglect, in fact, he already saliva undercurrent, because that feast, the temptation to him is not small. As soon as the three of them sat down, the four young girls immediately came over, holding the handle of the pot and wearing fragrant sideburns, which made people intoxicated. "Sit down, too, disciple," the thin man said happily. But the Taoist said respectfully, "There is a master sitting there, and there is a disciple sitting there. The disciple is willing to play the lute and drink for the master!" The thin man touched the goatee under his beard and said with a smile,Inflatable outdoor park, "It's all right.." The Taoist immediately untied his lute bag and sat down in front of a short table, but listening to the string tinkling, he played the lute.