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Flowers bloom and can be broken.

  • Outside finally couldn't help it: "Yicheng brother, Yunxi sister, what the hell are you doing?" In her words, why do you always drink that broken tea? With a wry smile, I like to drink tea, but wouldn't it be more enjoyable if I could lie comfortably at home and drink tea? A few days ago, Yunxi had tidied up the house, and the three of us lived in a newly bought house, which did not disturb the life of Yunruo's family too much. However, Luo Song did disturb my sweet life. After coming, all the time with cloud Xi is occupying big bed, harm again the opportunity that steals sweet also did not have. Fortunately, Yunxi added Zhang Xiaodian's bed, so I didn't have to "fall" into the field of sleeping on the sofa. Seiko, it's not easy to see you. Why don't you go and look for him? Haven't you been waiting for this man? While Luo Song was taking a bath, Yunxi couldn't help asking. No, I'm afraid it would make the Lord look obvious. If we think we are intentionally waiting for him, if we are wary,Inflatable mechanical bull, it will be difficult to contact him later. It's better to wait and see if he can take the initiative to talk to him. "I think that man is also a stuffy gourd, and he may not take the initiative to take the bait." Yunxi asked worriedly. I shook my head and agreed with her: "No way, we have to wait to take the initiative." Seeing my insistence, Yunxi no longer raised objections: "It's better to find a way to stimulate him." ******* When I went to Xianglu the next night, I deliberately went a little later than usual. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. Routine Yu has already sat on the original table before us. The three of us also chose yesterday's table and continued to discuss "tea culture". In order to receive the best results, not very familiar with the place,Inflatable outdoor park, natural access to information and do a lot of cramming. The so-called cramming at the last minute probably means that I am such a person. Routine Yu is still paying attention to the content of our conversation as he did yesterday, and it seems that he has been touched. His eyes still stayed on Yunxi from time to time, and a trace of doubt flashed through his eyes. To the end. He no longer paid special attention to Yunxi, and the question mark in his eyes disappeared. In a flash of inspiration, I was suddenly enlightened, and I could not help blaming myself for my poor consideration. Routine Yu only pays attention to Yunxi, but because of Yunruo's sister. He and Du Yunruo are alumni, and Xi and Ruo sisters look very similar, so they will have that kind of performance. Probably used to hearing us talk. We know it's not the same person. At first glance, the voices of the two sisters sounded somewhat similar, but Yunxi has been running outside a lot in recent years, and her accent has changed a lot. After hearing a lot, they usually don't think of them as the same person. The situation fell into a stalemate, Jumping castle with slide ,inflatable bounce house with slide, until he was ready to leave again, but he still had no intention of taking the initiative to talk to him. But his eyes were always looking at us, as if he was listening and thinking, obviously paying attention to our conversation. I want him to see more than just the beautiful women around me, which is too different from my idea. According to the information available. He doesn't seem to have much interest in women since his wife left. I secretly thought that he was not even as good as Uncle Wu in terms of attention to the opposite sex. Even Luo Song lost his cool this time: "Brother Yicheng, what kind of game are you playing? It's like a cat catching a mouse." Chang Shiyu is a person who really loves tea and is by no means arty. When drinking tea, they are very particular about tea sets and pay attention to some details. I told myself in my heart to calm down and leave like yesterday. The next night, I deliberately said, "The tea here is very authentic, but unfortunately I can't stay here for too long.". I wish I could stay here longer. Clever Luo Song knew that I had a plan and followed Yunxi with a long sigh. The cooperation is very tacit, and both of them are good performers. By the fourth day, I had mastered some basic rules. Routine I basically only drink one kind of tea … That is Oolong, and we are ready to make some targeted articles. Of course, Yunxi will cooperate with me, and Luo Song will let her play well. Yicheng, you like to drink tea like a little old man every day. I'm going to test you today. Draw water from the river to cook new tea, and buy all the green hills as drawing paper. Do you know who did this? Yunxi asked deliberately. This kind of small question is not difficult for me: "Oh, this kind of small CASE is naturally difficult for me, Zheng Xie's tea couplet." "Wow, this poem sounds so bold. Brother Yicheng and sister Yunxi, you know a lot of things. You must teach me when you have time." Although Luo Song speaks Chinese well, he can't come into contact with such deep-seated things abroad, and a pair of couplets is regarded as poetry. Good things have something in common, but Luo Song still heard the beauty of it and praised it. Sure enough, her role didn't have to be rehearsed. Wrong song. It's not a poem, it's a pair. Yunxi corrected her. I hate it. If I hadn't said it earlier, I would have made a fool of myself. Luo Song looked at Yunxi, causing the bystanders to smile. When I struck the hot iron, I went on to say, "The old man of Banqiao is really magnificent, magnificent and broad-minded, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people.". But I prefer his "sweeping bamboo leaves to cook tea leaves, chopping pine roots to cook vegetable roots", tranquil and floating outside, this is the true temperament. Hearing the second half of the sentence, the cup that the routine Yu sent to his mouth suddenly stopped, and for a long time he forgot to send it to his mouth, as if he had been touched a lot. I picked up the cup and stared at the new tea like a pool of clear water without any affectation, just like facing my beloved. Brother Yicheng, what kind of tea is this? We seemed to be drinking the same thing that day. Luo Song can't be quiet for half a moment. Yunxi answered for me. Luo Song looked at me again: "Why is it called [Ming Qian]?". Why do you particularly like it? I think Longjing tastes the same. "Stupid Song, of course, before the Ming Dynasty,Inflatable indoor park, Tomb Sweeping Festival what it meant before." Yunxi said jokingly. [Xi Cheng] Tea is not the main food, but it is also provided when guests need it. Of course, Yunxi is not a layman in these simple common sense. But it's a little hard for her to discuss the solar terms with Luo Song.