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Is there any scope to learn CAD Textile Designing in India?

  • Have you ever looked around and got fascinated by the colourful prints on fabrics, fibres and yarns? This is all comes fall down in textile design. This industry is one of the principal industries of India when it comes to export. People from different regions like to wear Indian fabrics for variety of reasons. Some like the quality of fabrics while other like the pattern and comfortability of the fabric.

    When we talk about CAD textile; we mainly refer to the designing of the patterns that will come on the fabric. There are CAD design applications like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw which gives easy to use and intuitive options to create eye chasing patterns and designs for the fabrics.

    Those who use these applications to create the patterns and designs for fabrics are known as Textile Designer.

    What skills do textile designer need?

    There are plenty of skills that a textile designer need in textile designing industry:

    • They must have a sharp eye and great knowledge for the fabric, colours and patterns designs.
    • It is also required to have artistic and creative mind
    • They need to know and have a knowledge of on going latest trends and fashion.
    • A textile designer needs great communication skills to communicate with their clients to convince them and tell them about the latest trends and fashion.

    A textile designer should be a hard working person and he needs to know how to work as team and should have a lot of patience to handle the pressure of the work and must be okay with long working hours.

    You can get the skills set of a CAD textile designer by joining the textile design courses in Delhi or via online mode.

    Career scope in textile designing

    India is coming in top 5 most growing economies in the world and very soon it is going to cross UK behind to reach the 5th largest economies in the world. Its export market is increasing and textile industry is one of the key industries which contribute to it.

    With this figure, we can consider this fact that the scope it too high and everyone who has interest in fabrics should come forward and join hands with this field.

    To do so, you need right skills set and for that go for the popular programs mentioned below.

    1. Textile Design Master: This is the main 08 months diploma in textile design for aspirants to learn the grammar and important techniques of textile CAD designing.

    2. Textile Design Premium: If you don’t have time for 8 months long program that you can join this 6 months training at the best Textile Design Institute in Rohini.

    3. Textile Design Standard: There is another course where you can attend textile classes for 4 months to get your hands set on basic functionalities of the designing from the point of view of CAD textile design.

    You can join various types of job profiles in the industry. Some of the are given below.

    Fabric resource manager

    In this job profile the responsibilities of the manger is to manage a lot of roles for example:  designer assistant, stylist, designer etc. You need to be thoroughly experienced to apply for this job if you are experienced enough you can easily work in some of the best designing companies and firms.

    Design consultant

    As you can already assume this job profile requires perfection. As a design consultant you are in in – charge of to check if any design or patterns needs to change or is lacking something. You are in charge to improve the designs that needs change in particular.

    Textile designer

    The responsibility of textile designer’s work is to work in interior designing or fashion industry.

    Embroidery designer

    If you interest in embroidery and you are good with needles then you are most eligible for this job profile. The responsibility in this job profile for you is do various types of embroidery work for the company you are working in.

    Fabric analyst

    Your responsibilities will be to be knowledgeable to stay updated with the new and fresh latest trends and fashion and customize the all latest trends for the company you are working in accordingly. There are other jobs present which textile industry offers you such as: textile illustrator, textile developer, design consultant, strategic designer, trend forecaster and colour consultant.

    All of the above mentioned courses are offered by ADMEC Multimedia Institute in Rohini. It is a certified training institute which provides training not only in textile but also in animaiton and multimedia. You can check its other courses like graphic design courses, animation courses, web development courses, UI UX design courses, web design courses, courses in multimedia, video editing courses, architecture courses, etc.

    There is always way to start, all you need is to find it out and for this a right guidance will help you a lot.