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Easy Hacks for Writing a Thesis for Academic Essays

  • Have you ever gotten your essay rejected because it did not appeal to the supervisor or had your well-researched paper given back to you because it did not interest the review committee?


    Most of the time these things happen because the paper does not catch the attention of the supervisor or the committee members.


    No matter how good the topic is, and how innovative it might be but if it does not appeal to the listeners, it will not be accepted.


    Being an essay writer is a tough job; It drains the students mentally and physically.




    It requires researching relevant material, reading and finding the appropriate content, and paraphrasing it so no plagiarism is detected.


    Here are a few hacks that can help you improve your thesis statement


    Think everything through

    One of the most important things during essay writing is to be thoughtful about what you are working on.


    The more thoughtful a person is during the process of essay writing, the less they have to worry about changing things towards the end. One of the things that are very important in essays or papers is the ‘thesis statement’.


    A thesis statement is the maker or breaker of your work. So, naturally, the thesis statement should be interesting enough that it catches the attention of the readers immediately. Various paper writing services can help you draft excellent thesis statements.


    Keep the statement brief

    Now let’s talk about what a thesis statement is.


    It is the essence of all the work you shall be doing in your essay. Or what points you will give to prove your point. It’s like with a movie, if the trailer is interesting it makes you want to watch the movie.


    Similarly, if the thesis statement is interesting, it will make people want to read the essay. It also acts as a guide for the readers by giving them a sense of what direction the essay will be going.


    The thesis statement is the crux of all your work, it is the main idea of your essay, so it should be crisp and grabbing. Ideally, the statement should be a one-liner but it can be expanded into two sentences.


    But the drawback of expanding it into two sentences is that it can sometimes cause the writer to drift away from the main point of the essay.


    Keeping it a one-liner is beneficial in all circumstances as it is the guideline for the whole essay.


    Be precise

    Getting on to the what, where, and why of the thesis statement, the first thing that comes to be kept in mind is that it is important to be precise when forming a thesis statement.


    There should be no space for vagueness. By using vague words, you will be raising several unnecessary questions about your work.


    So, be concrete and use simple but specific words for the thesis statement. Precision is the key when it comes to thesis statements.


    Do not hide the statement

    The second most important thing while writing the thesis statement is that your thesis statement should be easy to spot.


    What it means is that the thesis statement should always come after the introduction part.


    Either at the end of the introduction paragraph or at the beginning of the second paragraph. A thesis statement should never be lost by placing it in the middle of a section.


    It can mix with the former or latter sentences hence, losing its importance in guiding the essay.


    Write an open-ended statement

    The thesis statement should be an open-ended rigid statement.


    For example, ‘Climate change will cause destruction to the world’, there are two things wrong with this statement. A) Climate change is not the only thing that will cause destruction to the world, and, B) It is more of a claim than a statement that is to be proved.


    A better way to write this statement will be, ‘The changes being caused due to climate change can lead towards many natural catastrophes’.


    In this manner, the student will not be claiming anything which they may or may not be able to prove later on and it will give the readers the chance to have an open mind while reading the essay.


    Do not be generic

    Ask yourself the question “When I write my paper am I being too generic?” The paper and the birth statement should not be generic as the thesis statement serves high-quality as a guide for your essay.


    This is an expansion on not using vague words in your thesis statement.


    For example, ‘Many issues are being highlighted in movies nowadays’; the statement written above is vague in every sense of the word. When an essay with a statement like this is presented, it will be thrown out of the window in the first 10 seconds.


    That statement should rather be written as,


    ‘Movies highlighting bullying as an issue are on the rise’


    ‘Movies portray women as their own savior’


    ‘How bad parenting can lead to a traumatic life is a necessity being fulfilled by movies’


    Or many other statements identify the issue being highlighted and how it is being highlighted. The disadvantage of having a generic statement is that it does not give any information whatsoever to the reader.


    You should always consider your audiences as people who need everything explained from a to z.


    This means everything you write in the essay should be as clear as day.


    You cannot leave anything to chance by assuming that the audience that reads your essay knows what you mean by your thesis statement.