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Desert Safari or Deluxe

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    16 de fevereiro de 2021 13:50:05 ART

    Dubai Garden Glow is basically a garden that’s spread over acres within Zabeel Park. Aptly named, this garden will glow so bright in the evening which is why many families make it a must-visit attraction on their Dubai holiday. The best part about this place is that everything that you see here is a wonder that would have been made from biodegradable items. With such amazing LED creations, attractions within and unimaginable replicas like an eco-friendly replica of the Burj Khalifa, your visit to this place will be nothing short of amazing. Even taking a stroll here would feel like a fantasy. Visit during the glow garden timings and have the best of your times in Dubai.


    Here come the attractions that you can visit in the Glow Garden. Yes, visiting the place itself can be beautiful but these things are additional happiness for sure. So, while visiting Dubai Glow Garden, these are the places that you must check out.


    Art Park is a world that’s beautifully recreated with 100% recyclable products like bottles and CDs. Not one, not two but a total of about 5,00,000 pieces of recyclable stuff that are giving us beautiful displays altogether. Be it the trees, birds or even the replicas of something like the sky-high Burj Khalifa, it just amazes you like no other.


    Magic Park

    Magic Park just blows your mind with optical illusions using 3D art installations and geometric forms. While you are here, you will surely forget to even blink an eye. The lights will surely create the magic which would be an eye-treat for you.


    Ice Park

    Want to have a chill experience in such a hot city like Dubai? – Then do have some time for Ice Park. The temperature would be -7°C but do not worry as you will be given thermal jackets for warming. This place uses around 5000 tons of ice that are taken to make beautiful sculptures, monuments and wildlife in ice. Do note that this park needs an extra ticket for access.


    Dinosaur Park

    Dinosaur Park is one park that’s loved by kids and adults alike. Here, you will be able to find more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs and their stories of how they became extinct. Want to know more about them and get obsessed with this creature? Then, head out to the Dinosaur Lab and Dinosaur Museum that’s located inside.


    Happiness Street

    This attraction is one of the most loved parts of the Dubai Garden Glow. It was built as a tribute to the Happiness Street in Dubai. Everything that you see here would be so beautiful and the displays will make you feel positive.


    Happy Forest

    We recommend that you try one of our more popular safaris like Evening Desert Safari or Deluxe Overnight Safari with our skilled professional drivers dubai light garden.The happy forest is a beautiful representation of wildlife made with recycled fabric which would make you feel closely connected to nature.


    Located in Zabeel Park, right in the heart of Dubai, is the famed Dubai Garden Glow. A unique celebration of light, the Dubai Garden Glow is now entering its highly-awaited Season 6 and has transformed Zabeel Park from a green escape to the foremost leisure and entertainment venue for children and families in the city. With artistic contributions from around the globe, the Dubai Garden Glow features some of the most enchanting light sculptures in the world. Be it giant floating jellyfishes moving to the sound of music over Zabeel Lake, a glittering Burj Khalifa or Cinderella’s glowing carriage, you must score Dubai Garden Glow tickets to witness this fantastic art installation.


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    If you are also planning for the ultimate overnight wholesome desert experience, here are our specifically crafted Desert Safari Adventure experiences of Dubai.