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Is it safe to buy steroids online?

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    21 de setembro de 2022 11:05:43 ART

     Do you think it is safe to buy steroids and medicines in general on the Internet? I have doubts about it.

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    21 de setembro de 2022 23:25:26 ART

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    22 de setembro de 2022 03:10:56 ART

    Not sure. I'm afraid that on the Internet you can easily run into scammers or unscrupulous sellers.

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    22 de setembro de 2022 04:55:40 ART
    I think it's okay to be in doubt because it's a pretty serious purchase. I'm also skeptical about buying drugs and other medical products on the Internet, but in general there is a reliable online store where you can find injectable steroids for sale. Look at the assortment on this site. Perhaps you will find what you need.
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