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How to set up and use Screen Sharing on your Mac computer

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    22 de setembro de 2022 03:27:11 ART

    Screen Sharing is a terrific tool for everything from working together on projects to debugging a friend's PC on Mac devices. 

    As long as permissions for screen sharing have been granted, it is simple to observe or even scroll around a partner's computer.

    It's straightforward to share if the Macs are signed into the same iCloud account. The interface is simple to use once Screen Sharing is enabled.

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    How to screen share on a Mac computer

    1. Click on the Apple symbol in the top left corner.


    1. Click on System Preferences.


    1. Click on Sharing in the middle row.
    2. In the right column, choose the box next to Screen Sharing.


    1. Other users on your network will now be able to locate your computer in their Finder.


    1. Launch Finder on the other computer. The name of your computer should appear in the sidebar; in this case, it is "Ryan's MacBook Pro."
    2. Another way to connect is by using the vnc number on your Mac. Simply provide the number provided on your Screen Sharing screen, or vnc:/###.###.#.###/, for anyone wishing to access your shared screen. Their Mac will then prompt them to enable Screen Sharing.


    1. Press Connect.


    1. It will automatically share if both of you are linked in with the same Apple ID. If not, they will be prompted to provide the shared Mac's login and password.